Sound the Jubilee Year

Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.—Leviticus 25:9

Scripture speaks of trumpets, which were cornets made of ram horns. With the blowing of trumpets events were heralded, for example the beginning of the jubilee or festive year. To slaves, or those who had sold their land because of debt, the beginning of the jubilee year and the blowing of the trumpet were a great reprieve, for they got back their forfeited land, their debts were forgiven, and they were freed. The jubilee year only occurred every 50 years, so it usually came only once in a person’s life. Just as unique is God’s call: At its sound, there is reason to make haste when it’s a time of visitation, for the occasion may not be repeated.

The Angels Sound God’s Trumpets

Trumpets are also referred to in Revelation, where angels sound the trumpets. The angels’ duty is to proclaim, with the sounding of the trumpet, a significant coming happening or a danger that threatens God’s congregation. “And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound” (Rev. 8:6). 

Angels blew especially hard on the trumpets whenever there were wrong teachings. Under each onslaught, the trumpets were sounded. God himself gave the trumpets into the players’ hands. In this way, God has always allowed the trumpets to sound clearly in the midst of His kingdom, so that neither foreign teachings nor trends could defile the house of God. The prayers of the saints were heard, and the censer of holy smoke overflowed with the prayers of saints, when the children of God were besieged. 

God has never allowed His Word to be defiled, but instead it has been the believers’ strength on heaven’s way. Through His weak servants, God has given His Word to be preached, kept it pure, precious, and powerful against all sin and defilement. 

Trumpets of Peace Sound forth from God’s Kingdom

God left the sounding of trumpets to His angels, His own children. Even today we hear the sounding of trumpets of peace from the midst of God’s kingdom. In a song of Zion, we so beautifully sing: “The children’s minds are filled with joy as vict’ry trumpets sound. When Jesus sets the captives free, whose souls by sin were bound” (SHZ 86:2). To the child of God, the purely and clearly preached gospel is the sweet sounding of the trumpet of peace. Our undying soul wants to hear it, and God’s children long for the place where they can hear the living Word of God preached through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. 

The dawn of the jubilee year is proclaimed to all people: slaves of sin can leave the yoke of bondage and those under great debt have all their debt forgiven. The sound of the trumpet of peace is wonderful to hear for those who seek peace for their souls. The person who sees his own sinfulness and unpaid debts before the holy face of God gladly hears the sound of the trumpet of peace. In His immeasurable grace, God forgives the debtor all of his debts. The jubilee year begins when a sinner can enter the kingdom of God. 

Trumpet Sounds at the End of the World

Scripture also speaks of how at the end of the world we will hear the angels sound the trumpet. That, too, is the sound of the jubilee year to those who have traveled as children of God. At the sound of the seventh trumpet, the secrets of God’s holiness are revealed. Then the Book of Life is opened, and all must appear for judgment before the fiery-eyed Judge. God’s children are then emboldened. The blessed of the Father hear the familiar voice of peace: “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matt. 25:34). 

Then the eternal jubilee year begins for the children of God: Sin’s shackles are forever broken, and in the ledger there’s a bloody receipt—“all sins are forgiven.” Tears are left behind, and heaven’s everlasting celebration begins. The child of God longs to be there already here in time. Once, faith will change to seeing, and hope to perfect bliss. The endless new year of joy begins in heaven one day. 

Olli Vanska

March 2017 Voice of Zion



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