2018 Summer Services Meal Tickets

Meals will be provided onsite throughout the services with a variety of food options. Cafeteria options for lunch and dinner will be available daily, and an outdoor grill will serve throughout the day. A concession stand will offer snacks and blended coffee beverages. Coffee service will be ongoing throughout the weekend.

Outdoor Grill

Hot dogs


Domino’s pizza
Variety of entrée salads
Oven-roasted vegetable and sausage medley
Chicken tortilla soup
Ivar’s clam chowder

Meal Tickets

$30.00/family, including children through 15 years

Sweet Treat Cards

New to Summer Services is the Sweet Treat Card! This is a pre-paid non-refundable punch card ($5, $10, or $20), that can be used to purchase onsite coffee drinks and concession stand items. This card is a convenient and secure way for your children to purchase their goodies and helps to speed up the purchase process. 


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