2020 LLC Phoenix Winter Services

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LLC Announcement March 12, 2020: Cancellation of 2020 LLC Phoenix Winter Services, March 19-22

March 14, 2020: Services with visiting ministers will still be held, but not at a physical site. Instead, the ministers will serve the congregation in an entirely online environment. Contact: Levi Waaraniemi (480-468-7175) for questions regarding this. See schedule below.

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Location: Desert Mountain Middle School

Lodging Contact:

Levi & Lea Waaraniemi Phone: 480-468-7175 (Levi) Send Email

Songs during the broadcast are from the following LLC Audio CDs: (Note: these are available as streaming files and also for purchase in digital formats.)         
LLC CD 32: On the cross the sun is shining
LLC CD 47: Come all that labor
LLC CD 53: From heart to heart
LLC CD 54: A lamb goes forth

Friday, March 20

6:30 pm
SHZ 105
SHZ 540
Rory Sorvala
SHZ 513


3:00 pm
SHZ 191
Mike Kumpula
SHZ 321
Eric Jurmu
SHZ 110

7:00 pm
SHZ 79a
Ken Wuollet
SHZ 507a


10:00 am
SHZ 91
Jim Frantti
SHZ 114
Harri Vahajylkka
SHZ 217

Reminder: All services will only be available online. The Phoenix church will NOT be open for services.

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