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March 2018 Update

March 01, 2018

With the festive 2018 LLC Winter Services in Phoenix behind us, we look forward as “birds of heaven” to gather near Seattle, July 5–8, for 2018 LLC Summer Services. The child of God rejoices at such opportunities. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Heb. 10:25). May God continue to refresh each of us with His Word of grace as we journey homeward.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Many of the staff from the LLC office were able to attend Phoenix Winter Services, February 22–25. The services motto, “With God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27) reminded the tired and doubting traveler that God will never leave His own. For the Friday congregation and youth evening, Rod Nikula presented and moderated a timely introduction, The Priesthood of the Believers, which was written by Juhani Liukkonen for the October 2017 LLC Bible Camp. Archived sermons and photos can be accessed on the LLC website. Look for additional coverage in the April Voice of Zion issue.
  • An extra day of meetings for many of the LLC Board committees were held Thursday, February 22, in Phoenix. This allowed time to discuss current matters and future growth plans of the LLC. Information from these meetings will be communicated to the congregations early in 2018.
  • SLC renovation is coming along nicely, with countless hours being volunteered to make the renovation possible. A blog has been established on the LLC website if you’d like to follow progress of the project.
  • Brush clearing and burning has continued at the Silver Springs property over the winter. Plans are now in place for the Monticello Fire Department to burn the old house and outbuildings on March 10. A video outlining plans for the property will be shared with congregations in the coming weeks.
  • A Youth Camp Staff Workshop will be held on Thursday, March 8 at the LLC office with a web conference connection for remote participants. The topic will be: Planning for Your Camp.
  • The third and final workshop for confirmation school teachers will be held at the LLC office, March 17. The focus of the workshop is implementation of the updated confirmation curriculum and teaching strategies.
  • Information on summer job postings have been sent to LLC congregations. There are openings at all LLC camp facilities. Applications can be sent to the LLC office until March 15.
  • Work weeks at our camp facilities have been scheduled: Stony Lake, April 2–7; Kamp Kipa, April 28 and May 4–22; and Hasscib Lake, May 14–19. The Camp Facility Directors rely on volunteers, both young and old, that come to help.
  • SLC will be the gathering spot for the biennial Ministers Camp April 13–15. As it has been in previous years, the hope is that congregations would support their ministers in attending. The focus of the camp will be discussing timely topics that we are experiencing in North American Zion. With the busyness of schedules the April LLC Board meeting will take place at SLC, April 12.
  • The newly released book on Luther, I Will Not Forsake Scripture, is available at the LLC bookstore, both as a hard copy or eBook version. 
  • The LLC Home and Family committee is hosting a workshop for local congregation committee members, March 22–24, at the LLC office. In addition to faith-based topics, committee members will have opportunity to attend a conference hosted by the Minnesota Social Services Association outlining social services available for those in need of support. 

May God continue to bless His work as only He can. 

Eric Jurmu


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