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May 2018 Update

May 01, 2018

In May, we mark the special occasion of Mother’s Day. It is the one day of the year that is set aside to honor our mothers. Too often, it seems, a mother’s work is minimized, or worse, forgotten. Dear mothers, please don’t tire in the endeavor, and may God richly repay you for the care you unselfishly provide for your families. We wish for you God’s abundant and continued blessings!

O Jesus, bless our mothers dear. When they are troubled, give them cheer.
Oh, gently wipe away their tears. Uplift their hearts, and calm their fears.

O Jesus, hear our mother’s cries when for our sakes to You she sighs.
Oh, set her free from all the cares her heart is pouring out in prayers!

Oh, give our mothers love and grace, preserve them safe in Your embrace.
O Jesus, bless their children, too! Let nothing sever us from You!

Give kind and willing hearts to us to help our mother bear her cross.
Oh, bring our mothers home to rest in heaven’s joy and blessedness (SHZ 424).

May also marks the beginning of graduations. Congratulations to all 2018 graduates. May God grant each of you, life’s blessings.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Planning for the 2018 LLC Summer Services at the Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, Wash. is in high gear. Committees are planning for 3500 service guests. You can find updated information in the Voice of Zion or on the LLC website.
  • The LLC presented framed pictures of Martin Luther and Lars Levi Laestadius to the Elk River congregation as a gift at their dedication services, held April 20–22. We wish the congregation God’s abundant blessings now and always. Dedication services for the Monticello congregation are planned for May 18–20.
  • With Jessica Nikula taking over as LLC Project Coordinator on July 1, a notice to hire a new LLC Administrative Assistant has been sent to local LLC congregations. If you’re interested in this position, please inquire at the LLC office for additional information.
  • The notice and agenda for the 2018 LLC Annual Meeting has been sent to LLC congregations. Included in the packet is the draft 2019 LLC Operating Plan, available for review in either PDF or electronic file. Congregations are encouraged to make this document available to its members in preparation for the LLC Annual Meeting.
  • Mutual sharing of work between sister organizations continues as incoming LLC Publications Director Matthew Keranen will visit the SRK office in Oulu, Finland in early May. The purpose of his visit is to learn first-hand how the publications work of SRK is organized, with hopes that some of their experience can be leveraged here.
  • Renovation work on the lodge at SLC is complete. The SLC Ministers Camp was the first event held in the refurbished building. Many thanks to all of those who volunteered hours in making this possible. Building of the new bunkhouses and sauna building will begin in May.
  • Considerable renovation work and the addition of new buildings is taking place at Prairie Shores Camp in Saskatchewan. Volunteer workers are doing most of the labor. You can follow progress on Outlook’s website. We again marvel at God’s continued blessings.
  • A small committee of Bruce Hillukka (RLLC), Ryan Jurmu (RLLC), and Brent Simonson (CLLC) have agreed to serve with Gordie Kumpula on the Silver Springs Property Management Committee. Their immediate focus will be to prepare the property to be used for 2019 LLC Summer Services.
  • The 2019 LLC Phoenix Winter Services will be held February 21–24 as originally scheduled. There was some thought of moving the services to a different venue, but with upgrades to the Phoenix church and an increase in parking, it is thought that it can be managed there at least another year.

We see how God has graced us with a time to work. May He continue to guide the efforts of His kingdom.

Eric Jurmu

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