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April 2018 Update

April 01, 2018

Easter dawns, our day of vict’ry; mercy’s morn is shining bright!
Now the chains of hell are broken; lonely captives rise to light; 
fears of night and wrath are vanished—ev’ry cloud our Sun has banished.

Death, where is your stinging scepter? Where, O grave, your victory?
Satan, you are proved a liar. Ended is your tyranny!
In your kingdom Jesus found us. There He crushed the chains that bound us.

Christians, rise in exultation. Anthems to our hero sing.
Laud His vict’ry–our redemption. Praise our God, and glorious King.
David’s Son from death is risen. He, in love, unlocked our prison.

O my soul, be overtaken! Praise the Son, your gracious friend.
Haste, my harp, my tongue awaken, let the triumph-song ascend.
Praise to God, and adoration. Sing Hosanna, all creation
(SHZ 106:1,2,5,6).

May God grant to you a blessed Easter!

Updates on LLC Activities

  • A few notes from the February 23 LLC Board meeting:

~ The Board approved the appointment of Jessica Nikula in replacing Rod Nikula, retiring Christian Education Coordinator. The position will be modified to coordinate more broadly all areas of LLC work.

~ Adam Wuollet was named Kamp Kipa Director, replacing Jim Moll.

~ Steve Laiho was named HLC caretaker, replacing Tom Nevala.

~ Bernice Riutta was named HLC Kitchen Manager, replacing Joyce Honga.

For each of them, we wish God’s abundant blessings in their service to God’s kingdom.

~ The Board approved the formation of an Opisto Alumni Committee, with its primary focus to be to work with opisto alumni to find ways to increase support for future North American students wishing to attend opisto.

  • Joint meetings between the LLC-SRK-SFC are scheduled for May 2–5, 2019, in Sweden. These biennial meetings have proved to be valuable in furthering the mutual work between organizations, but most importantly fostering the unity and love of the Spirit.
  • The May Voice of Zion issue will include a four-page color marketing insert dedicated to LLC Publications. A number of publications are planned for release in 2018.
  • A feature, Doctrine and Life—Questions of Our Time, was recently added to the Voice of Zion, and will be a regular feature.
  • Confirmation school for 30–40 students is being planned in Ghana for August 2–13, 2018.
  • The Western Region Boards met in Longview, Wash., March 10. The meeting had lots of discussion, including about current issues. It was well attended and several participated online. John Stewart will be re-nominated to serve another three-year term on the LLC Board.
  • Plans are in place for the SLC Ministers Camp, April 13–15. The primary focus of the camp will be discussion on questions of our time.
  • Renovation of the main lodge at SLC is nearing completion. Countless hours have been volunteered by congregation members in Northern Minnesota. May God richly repay your service and labor of love. Work on the new bunkhouses and sauna building will begin this spring, with completion scheduled in time for the 2019 camp season.
  • An interim camp board is in place at Prairie Shores Camp in Saskatchewan. Plans are being made for local area-wide ownership of the facilities. Renovation of the camp is now underway to utilize the facility for the 2018 camp season. Charitable contributions can be made directly on the LLC website. Please be sure to earmark the donation, Prairie Shores Camp.
  • Gordie Kumpula continues his work as property manager at LLC’s land at Silver Springs. Four of the old buildings on the property were burned by the Monticello Fire Department as part of the cleanup. Gordie and a small committee will now work in preparing the property for 2019 LLC Summer Services.
  • The LLC Annual Meeting notice, agenda, and delegate packet will be sent to congregations in mid-April. In addition, the 2019 Draft Operating Plan will be sent for review. The Plan’s theme, “Lo, I am with you always” (Matt. 28:20) is comforting, knowing that God’s promises are sure.

God has graced us with a time to work. May He continue to guide the efforts of His kingdom.

Eric Jurmu


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