April 2019 Board Members Workshop

April 2019 Board Members Workshop

April 16, 2019

Presentation: The Holy Spirit and the Congregation of God - Harri Vahajylkka

The Holy Spirit Teaches, Guides and Unites

The LLC’s biennial Board Members Workshop was held in Monticello, Minn., on April 13, 2019. LLC member congregations were encouraged to send their board members, ministers and annual meeting delegates to attend the workshop.

There were 261 workshop participants along with a number of guests present at the Monticello church. In addition, there were approximately 115 remote connections to the workshop. All but three LLC member congregations were represented.

LLC Board Chairman Jim Frantti kept the opening devotion, after which LLC Executive Director Eric Jurmu gave opening remarks. Phoenix congregation pastor Harri Vahajylkka kept a presentation entitled “The Holy Spirit and the Congregation of God.” The presentation spoke of the many ways in which the Holy Spirit works among believers in the congregation. The Holy Spirit is that which begets faith and only through God’s Spirit can we attain righteousness. Through faith we sense the presence and voice of the Holy Spirit, which also opens our eyes to see the beauty of God’s congregation and effects love and one-mindedness among believers.

The Holy Spirit is the source of grace gifts with which we together build the congregation. We learn from the revelation of God in the Bible, and it is only through the Holy Spirit that we are given to understand the written Word. God’s Spirit gives ears to hear the calling voice of the Good Shepherd. It allows us to hear His voice in our heart and conscience. The Holy Spirit brings forth good fruits in all in whom it dwells. The first of these fruits is love, and God’s children are known by their love for one another. We can nurture this mutual love through the power of the Spirit.

Following the presentation, many workshop participants spoke of how they have experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in their own lives. The main message of these speeches was that the mystery of faith is revealed to us only through the Holy Spirit. Knowledge and reason cannot achieve this. Faith does not come through understanding, but rather understanding comes through faith. Many noted how the presentation and also other speaking turns voiced how they also believe. Their heart said amen.

In some speeches by workshop participants, another voice was heard. Positions were stated that have caused unrest in North American Zion. Workshop participants from all areas of North America were able to hear these discussions and thus realize for themselves how unity has been tried in recent times.

We at LLC remain hopeful and prayerful that God will reveal a way forward, that unity will be restored, and that we will continue on the road to heaven in mutual love and support. We trust that in God’s time a breath of fresh air will again blow through North American Zion.

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