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April 2019 Update

April 01, 2019

As the heav’nly angels do, we can be rejoicing. We can run to tell the news: “Our Jesus now is living!” (SHZ 111:4). The message of Easter, “Jesus has risen,” gives hope! Through the redemption work of Christ, the child of God will make it to heaven.

Rejoice, O flock of children! Your faith is not in vain. The sepulcher is empty. The enemy is slain. Since Jesus won the battle with death and sin and hell, where clouds and fear were reigning, there light and gladness dwell (SHZ 117:1).

May God grant a blessed Easter to you and your loved ones!

Updates on LLC Activities

  • LLC of Monticello will be the gathering place for the biennial Board Members Workshop, April 13. The workshop will discuss timely topics and spiritual concerns that we are experiencing in North American Zion. This year, we hope congregations will support their board members, ministers and delegates to attend.
  • A reminder! Information on summer job postings has been sent to LLC congregations. Openings remain at all LLC camp facilities. Applications can be sent to the LLC office. Note that the caretaker positions at both SLC and HLC remain unfilled.
  • The Western Region Boards met in Glendale, Ariz., March 9. The meeting was with lots of discussion, including current issues. It was well attended and several participated online. Peter Lever, of Clatskanie, Ore., will be nominated to the LLC Annual Meeting to serve another three-year term on the LLC board. Michael Kumpula, of New Castle, Colo., will be nominated to replace Jim Moll who is retiring after his term ends in July.
  • An agenda is in place for the SRK-LLC-SFC meetings in Sweden, May 2–5. These biennial meetings have proved to be valuable, helping to further the mutual work between organizations and most importantly, to foster unity and love of the Spirit. Meetings will continue in Finland, May 7. LLC brothers will serve in various SRK congregations May 8–12 before leaving for home on May 13.
  • Jessica Nikula, LLC Project Coordinator, will be leaving the LLC office after Summer Services in July. We thank her for her four years of dedicated service. Some rearrangement of duties in the office will be necessary. Jessica will be missed. We wish her God’s abundant blessings as she moves to a new chapter in life.
  • The SRK recently published a doctrinal book, Kristus on sama eilen, tänään ja ikuisesti (Christ Is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever). It is being translated with completed chapters printed monthly in the Voice of Zion, beginning in January 2019. Once completed, a book will be published in English.
  • A few notes from the LLC Board meeting, February 22:
    • A subscription management system has been implemented at LLC. Increased efficiency will free up staff time.
    • Prairie Shores Camp will remain under the ownership and direction of LLC congregations in Western Canada and Williston, No. Dak. LLC will continue to support with resources as needed.
    • Peter Ojala, from Seattle, presented suggestions to reevaluate and update LLC’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies and Programs. The Personnel-Facilities committee was tasked with moving this forward with presentation at the April 12 Board meeting.
  • Mission Work Updates
    • A second mission trip to Guinea took place in November 2018. MW3 has planned two mission trips to Guinea in 2019: this spring and next fall. 
    • After an invitation, services were held in Sayulito, Mexico. Walt Lampi and Pete Lever went on a five-day trip in early January. One service guest received the grace of repentance. Follow-up is needed to determine what course of action to pursue in Mexico.
    • Pastor Maniragaba, from Rwanda, received the grace of repentance while attending services in Kenya during the January mission trip. MW3 intends to arrange Skype services for now and will consider a trip to Rwanda sometime in 2019.
    • The Kessibo facility has been completed and a dedication service was held there during the January mission trip.
  • The Publications department is currently working on several book projects. Watch for new releases later this spring and summer!
  • The LLC Annual Meeting notice, agenda and delegate packet will be sent to congregations in mid-April. In addition, the 2020 Draft Operating Plan will be sent for review. The Plan’s theme, “For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen” (Matt. 6:13), is comforting knowing that we dwell in God’s kingdom, God is almighty, and all glory belongs to Him. Other kingdoms will fall, but God’s kingdom will never fall.

God in His mercy has given us a time to work. May He continue to guide the efforts of His kingdom.

Eric Jurmu


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