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April 2017 Update

April 01, 2017

Rejoice, O flock of children! Your faith is not in vain. The sepulcher is empty. The enemy is slain. Since Jesus won the battle with death and sin and hell, where clouds and fear were reigning, there light and gladness dwell. So, keep the feast of Easter! O flock of children, sing! To Christ, the Lamb victorious, let thanks forever ring! Rejoice with full assurance as little children do. The holy place of glory is now revealed to you (SHZ 117:1,3).

Updates on LLC Activities

  • The Western Region Boards met in Phoenix, March 11. The meeting was with lots of discussion, including current issues. It was well attended, and several participated online. Ken Wuollet will be renominated to serve another three-year term on the LLC Board.
  • Joint meetings between the LLC-SRK-SFC will take place at the LLC office, April 5–7. These meetings are held every other year. Five brothers from Finland and two brothers from Sweden will join the LLC to discuss areas of mutual work.
  • We have received positive and constructive feedback as an LLC update is being presented in LLC congregations in 2017. This update is requested by LLC congregations and is scheduled every three years.
  • At the LLC Board meeting in February, approval was given to move forward with a Stony Lake Camp expansion and renovation project. Work is continuing to finalize plans and to begin the permitting process. If all goes well, construction will begin this fall.
  • An agreement in principal was reached with the Monticello congregation (LLCM) to purchase 70 acres of land for future LLC use. Further discussion between the LLC Board and LLCM will be needed to finalize a purchase agreement.
  • The LLC Annual Meeting notice, agenda, and delegate packet will be sent to congregations in mid-April. In addition, the 2018 Draft Operating Plan will be sent for review. The Plan’s theme, “Ask for the Old Paths, the Good Way, and Walk Therein” (Jer. 6:16), reminds that those who follow this way are promised rest for their souls.
  • Annette (Kumpula) Johnson is now working alongside Ruth Roiko as Ruth transitions into retirement. Ruth has served as LLC Layout Artist for over 30 years. We welcome Annette to the office, and wish Ruth God’s abundant blessings in retirement.
  • 2017 marks the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. A page that notes different ways we will mark the anniversary is found under Quick Links on LLC’s website. The first item added is the eMag version of LLC’s book and audio, Martin Luther, a Faithful Servant of God.
  • We have sent out the agenda for the Saturday, April 29 LLC Board Members Workshop, to be held again at the Minneapolis church. Please encourage your congregations to support sending board members to this important event.
  • God has graced us with a time of work. May He continue to guide the efforts of His kingdom.

    Eric Jurmu

    April 2017 Voice of Zion

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