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August 2019 Update

August 01, 2019

An estimated 6,000 guests gathered at Summer Services held for the first time on LLC property at Silver Springs. Over 20,000 meals were served. Hours of labor went into making the property ready. We hoped for dry weather, but God had other plans. Heavy rain prior to services posed challenges for planning committees and created additional work.

Most importantly, God blessed the services with His Word. The motto, “It is I; be not afraid” (John 6:20), was heard throughout services. At the Ministers and Board Members meeting, Kimmo Puolitaival presented the topic “Therefore, being justified by faith” (Rom. 5:1). We again heard the same, secure message of God’s kingdom: a sinner is saved by faith. At the Youth Discussion evening, Peter Kuopus’ presentation was based on the service motto. Service guests commented how comforting and uplifting it was to attend the summer services. We thank our Heavenly Father for this time of refreshment. We also thank the believers in the hosting congregation of Rockford, along with supporting LLC congregations in the Midwestern Area, for their service and labor of love.

Despite the rain, God knew what we needed. Much was learned for future years. We found that with proper preparation, we can enjoy outdoor services in all kinds of weather.

LLC Board Meeting, July 4

  • Visiting minister Kimmo Puolitaival relayed greetings from LLC’s sister organization in Finland, the SRK. He spoke of the importance of mutual work between the organizations and how it helps foster unity. He recalled the love and unity of spirit that was evident during the SRK-LLC-SFC meetings in May.
  • Board members reviewed planning updates for the current Summer Services and future Winter and Summer services. The 2020 Phoenix Winter Services will be held March 19–22, with the motto for the services: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith” (1 Cor. 16:13). The 2020 Summer Services will be hosted by the Eastern region at the Superior Dome in Marquette, Mich., July 2–5. The service motto will be “Be faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life” (Rev. 2:10).
  • The Board approved the following personnel changes:

~ Liisa Keranen was hired as LLC Music Coordinator. She started work at the LLC office July 22.

~ Jessica Nikula resigned as LLC Project Coordinator. Her work has been divided among current staff and the new Music Coordinator.

  • The Board approved resources for an LLC update tour to congregations in 2020. This has been done every three years with the last tour completed in 2017.
  • The Board committed resources for a History Book project. Plans are to have the book released at 2023 Summer Services, marking the 50-year anniversary of the AALC-LLC. Details are being worked out and a final proposal will be reviewed at the October board meeting.
  • Gordie Kumpula retired as Silver Springs Caretaker effective July 31. He also resigned his position on the Silver Springs Management Committee (SSMC). The SSMC will continue to function in maintaining Silver Springs and to help in preparations for 2021 Summer Services. Serving on the committee are Bruce Hillukka (RLLC), Ryan Jurmu (RLLC), Mike Simonson (MLLC), Brent Simonson (CLLC) and Brian Johnson (ERLLC).
  • The Board established a Silver Springs Development Committee (SSDC) to consider long-term plans in development of Silver Springs. Those asked to serve on the committee are Bruce Herrala (LLCM), Andrew Hotari (Architect), Janelle Huhta (Architect), Jim Jurmu (LLC Board), Matthew Keranen (LLC Staff) and Jukka Petaisto (Engineer).

LLC Annual Meeting, July 6

  • LLC delegates reviewed and gave support for the proposed 2020 LLC Operating Plan.
  • Delegates re-elected Jim Frantti, 
  • Petri Hotari (Eastern Area), Jim Jurmu (Midwestern Area) and Peter Lever (Western Area) to three-year terms on the LLC Board. Delegates also elected Michael Kumpula (Western Area) to replace retiring board member, Jim Moll.
  • Future Summer Services will be hosted as follows: 2020–Ishpeming; 2021–Northern Minn.; 2022–Longview; 2023–Monticello; 2024–Saskatchewan; 2025–Elk River; 2026–Toronto.
  • Delegates will be prepared to give a detailed report to congregations when meeting minutes have been finalized.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • The planning committee for 2020 Summer Services in Marquette has been established. May God grant His blessings in preparation for the event.
  • Construction of the bunkhouses and bathhouse at SLC was completed in time for confirmation camps to begin. Many, many thanks to all who gave of their time and energy to make it happen. Also, many thanks for the financial support of the project. May God richly repay your generosity. The facility will now serve camp attendees and staff for generations to come. You will also be happy to hear the project came in on budget.

Remember to take the opportunity to spend time with your families and friends before school and fall activities begin next month!

Eric Jurmu



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