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December 2018 Update

December 01, 2018

The angels once sang of the triumph of heaven on Christmas night. They sowed into mother earth’s sorrow a radiant star-filled night. That glorious hymn is resounding from each generation on (SHZ 28).

Heavenly angels brought glad tidings of joy on the first Christmas night (Luke 2:10). That glorious hymn yet resounds from God’s kingdom. May the gospel of forgiveness grant peace and joy until Christmas eternal.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • One hundred six ministers joined the annual ministers’ teleconference originating from the LLC office on November 1. Jim Frantti opened the teleconference by summarizing current events and concerns in North American Zion. While God’s children have felt the attacks of the enemy, God has protected His kingdom and given strength to servants of the Word to continue the work.
  • Representatives from the Eastern Region congregation boards met in Detroit, November 3. Similarly, Midwestern Region boards met in Rockford, November 17, where Loren Hillukka introduced the Third Article of the Creed as basis for the spiritual discussion. In addition, the meetings addressed terms for LLC Board members, camp board members, and regional mission committee members.
  • Due to recent retirements, a notice advertising for Kitchen Manager at HLC and Camp Caretaker and Kitchen Manager at SLC has been sent to congregations. Interested parties should contact HLC Camp Director Peter Kuopus or SLC Camp Director Neil Waaraniemi for additional information. Submit applications by December 31, 2018.
  • Watch for announcements regarding core staff openings for the 2019 camp season. Notices will be sent to congregations in the December–January time frame. There will also be openings for paid kitchen staff at HLC for the months of July and August.
  • At SLC, sheetrock and taping are being finished ahead of painting in the new bunkhouses and bathhouse. We thank all the volunteers who have given their time to help make the renovation project happen.
  • Much is happening at LLC Silver Springs property:

~ Major clean-up is finished.

~ Water lines and spigots are installed.

~ Excavation and road work have been completed. Some seeding was completed in the fall.

~ Three-phase electrical service has been installed.

~ Layout for the camping area will be completed soon. Electricity for RVs will be completed in the spring.

~ A video of progress will be available to congregations soon.

  • Subscription renewal notices have been sent out for the 2019 Voice of Zion and Shepherd’s Voice. We appreciate your suggestions in improving both the paper and digital versions. Once again, we thank you for your subscription, which also helps to support LLC work.
  • The first board book for children, I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb, was released in November. It will be a wonderful gift to give at baby showers or baptisms or at Christmas from godparents, grandma and grandpa or other loved ones.
  • In December, the Humanitarian Aid Committee sends an annual Christmas gift package to congregations in Ecuador, Togo and Ghana. It is a needed and well-appreciated gift for our brothers and sisters in faraway lands. Year-end contributions can be made on the LLC website via the Humanitarian Aid tab.
  • It’s not too early to start making plans for 2019 LLC Services. Winter Services will be held at the Phoenix church, February 21–24. Summer Services dates at Silver Springs are July 4–7. Information as it becomes available will be published in the Voice of Zion and on the LLC website.

Let us pause this holiday with family and loved ones to reflect on the many blessings God has given each of us. At LLC, we are mindful of and thankful for the generosity of believers who support the work of our central organization. I wish each of you a joyous and peaceful Christmas season and God’s abundant blessings in the coming New Year.

Eric Jurmu


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