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February 2017 Update

February 01, 2017

As we make plans for the upcoming camp season my thoughts often turn to our children and youth, and join in the words of the songwriter, “The youth of Jesus journey as morning dew, so pure in light and grace so holy, on Zion’s Mount so fair. The sea of grace is found there, and all who there abide are cleansed from all defilement in Jesus’ blood divine. From vict’ry unto vict’ry in Zion’s midst below, with strength of God Almighty, they strike the evil foe. Their souls are peace enjoying. Their gaze is pure and chaste, and childlike they are pleading e’er to remain in faith” (SHZ 478).

God’s kingdom is a safe haven where His Word can be preached and taught, and prayerfully instilled in the hearts of our young. May God continue to bless each of us and carry us safely to the shore of heaven.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • SRK guest speaker Juha Kaarivaara, of Haukipudas, Finland, will serve at the 2017 LLC Phoenix Winter Services and visit various LLC congregations during the winter preaching tour, accompanied by his wife, Pirjo. The Kaarivaaras have nine children and ten grandchildren. Juha serves as SRK Executive Director. We welcome them, and wish them God’s blessings on their February mission trip.
  • A replacement for retiring LLC Publications Director Paul Waaraniemi will be named in early February. It has been reassuring to see the interest that this position has generated among believers near and far. Interviews for Ruth Roiko’s position as Graphic Designer and Layout Artist will also take place in February, with plans of filling the position in March.
  • The 2017 Phoenix Winter Services will be held this month, February 23–26. The motto chosen for services, “I will not leave you comfortless” (John 14:18), reminds of Jesus’ promise to never leave His own. John Stewart has been asked to present the topic, “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity” (Ps. 51:5), for Friday’s congregation and youth evening. Additional information can be found on the LLC website (
  • The LLC Board will have an extra day of meetings, Thursday, February 25, in Phoenix. This will allow time to discuss current matters and future growth plans of the LLC.
  • In January, a presentation on renovation plans for SLC has been kept in many of the Minnesota congregations. Wide support for the plans has been voiced. In addition, there will be discussion around the possibilities of purchasing 70 acres of land from the Monticello congregation for future LLC use.
  • We have received clips from the recently recorded singing and instrumental CD, “Work and Rest.” It is a beautiful recording. Plans are to release it at 2017 LLC Summer Services.
  • The annual LLC Campwork-Youthwork week will be held March 5–12. The Fear of the Lord Grants Security (Prov. 14:26), has been chosen as the theme for this year’s camp work and will be central in preparing the presentation for your congregation’s use. Camp directors and staff are invited to the LLC office: Thursday, March 5, for the Confirmation Staff Workshop; and Tuesday, April 25, for the Youth Camp Staff Workshop. Those unable to gather at the office are welcome to join by web conference.
  • Online enrollment for 2017 camps went live January 16. On the first day of enrollment there were 450 applications to attend various camps. It illustrates the interest and importance of our camp program. May God continue to direct us in His work.
  • Again this year, “Camps at a Glance” has been published. Look for it in your local congregation or download it from the LLC website.
  • The LLC Technology Committee is working to redesign and update the LLC website making it even more user-friendly. The website remains a very important part of our organization. The plan is to have it up and running in time for this year’s Summer Services.
  • For the past number of years, biennial meetings between the SRK, SFC, and LLC have taken place. Meetings this year are scheduled for April 5–7 at the LLC office in Loretto. Seven brothers from Finland and Sweden are planning to attend. This gives opportunity to meet face to face and discuss areas of mutual work. Most importantly, it gives opportunity to know each other from the heart and maintain unity and love of Spirit.
  • On a regular basis, LLC congregations have requested updated information on workings of the LLC. A presentation, like what was done in 2014, has been prepared to present this year at local congregation request. It touches on recent personnel changes at the LLC office, developments in facility needs and plans, mission work opportunities—both domestic and foreign—updates on camp facilities and activities, budget and finance, and future needs and plans.
  • God has given us a time to work, and He has also blessed us with needed gifts, both temporal and spiritual. May God continue to bless His work as only He can.

    Eric Jurmu

    February 2017 Voice of Zion

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