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January 2019 Update

January 01, 2019

Happy New Year! 

As we begin this new year our prayers arise to Thee;

oh, may we walk before Thee in love and unity.

How time so quickly flees! Oh, bind our hearts forever

with bonds that none can sever to Thee, O Prince of Peace.

The Spirit’s wisdom grant us, that in the future days

we travel on Thy pathway in living hope and grace.

As beggars we abide rejoicing of salvation.

In heaven's celebration we shall be glorified.

(SHZ 58:4,5)

It seems but a short while ago we were welcoming in the year 2018. Now another year has come and gone and with it many wonderful memories and reasons to thank our Heavenly Father. We also look forward and prayerfully make plans for the coming year. We see that the work of God’s kingdom continues to grow. It is heartwarming to see the generosity of believers in supporting the work. Without this support, the work would be in vain. We often wonder what plans God has in store for us. At the beginning of 2019, we pray for God’s continued guidance and blessings. Above all the child of God has a living hope that one day faith will be changed to eternal life in the glory of heaven.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • At the 2018 LLC Annual Meeting, the congregations voted to increase the 2019 LLC dues by $2.00/member per month. This will take effect January 1, 2019. The $2.00 increase will replace invoicing for SRK and SFC ministers traveling to North America and Canada on mission trips, allow an increase in foreign mission trips to two more trips annually and help offset the camps’ deficit budget. With this increase 2019 LLC dues are $34.00/member per month. Student dues are 50%.
  • Preparations are underway for a biennial planning meeting with our sister organizations, the SRK in Finland and the SFC in Sweden, to be held in Sweden in May. LLC brothers will also travel to Finland for continued meetings at the SRK office and to serve on short mission trips before returning home.
  • LLC has increased social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. It allows easy access to LLC events, publications, music, etc.
  • An LLC app is being readied for a trial run at Phoenix Winter Services. Stay tuned!
  • Planning is in full gear for 2019 LLC Summer Services to be held at LLC’s Silver Springs property near Monticello. Information about services is included in this issue of the Voice of Zion and can also be found on the LLC website (
  • Ten-year RV sites at Silver Springs are still available to purchase. Proceeds from the sale will be used to install infrastructure at the property. Information can be found on the LLC website or by contacting the LLC office directly (763-479-2422).
  • In December, many LLC congregations held beautiful Christmas programs. These also speak to one of the many blessings of the opisto program, when numerous students have returned home with a rekindled or a new desire to use God-given gifts in music. Hopefully in coming years we can commit additional LLC resources in the area of music.
  • Our monthly messenger, the Voice of Zion, has reached middle age. This month marks the 45-year anniversary of the first issue of the Voice. Our publications staff continues to update the paper both visually and with new content. Throughout these changes, the mission of this paper remains unchanged: to comfort and uplift God’s children and to extend a loving call to those yet outside of His kingdom.
  • An important event was left out of the 2019 LLC calendar: Pelkie Ski Days will be held January 25–27. It is important to note that a recording of congregational youth singing will be recorded during the weekend event.
  • To all who have volunteered hours of labor at Stony Lake Camp, many thanks! The two new bunkhouses and bathhouse are near completion. With a few things to tidy up in the spring, the buildings should be ready to use for the upcoming camp season.
  • Plans to build the new dorm building at Kamp Kipa have been put on hold. New requirements to install a sprinkler system in the buildings is proving to be cost-prohibitive.
  • We extend a heartfelt welcome to all to the 2019 LLC Phoenix Winter Services to be held February 21–24. The theme for this year’s services is: “Fight the good fight of faith” (1 Tim. 6:12). Services will also be held Wednesday, February 20, in Prescott Valley. During the weekend there will be a special program commemorating the Phoenix congregation’s 60th anniversary and 40 years of hosting LLC Winter Services.

God has given us a blessed time of work. May God continue to guide our efforts and bless our new year as only He can.

Eric Jurmu


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