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June/July 2019 Update

June 01, 2019

I wish to offer congratulations to all 2019 high school and college graduates – you have achieved a milestone in life! 

In June each year we celebrate Father’s Day. May our Heavenly Father bless and protect you dear fathers for the love and care that you extend to your families and loved ones. The days we live are growing more troubled and your children need clear, loving instruction.

May God also bless those attending confirmation school this summer. Remember that your parents are sending you with many prayers, hoping that you will make lasting friends, but mostly that your faith will be strengthened. Confirmation school is an important time in the life of a young believer.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Five brothers from LLC traveled to Sweden and Finland to attend biennial meetings held between sister organizations, SRK, LLC and SFC, May 2–5. God blessed our days of meetings.
  • Kimmo Puolitaival and his wife Sirkka, of Merikarvia, Finland, will serve at LLC Summer Services at Silver Springs (Monticello, Minn.) and also visit various LLC congregations during the preaching tour in July. Kimmo and Sirkka have 8 children and 11 grandchildren. We wish them God’s grace blessings on their trip.
  • Mike Glynn has taken over duties as SLC Interim Operations Manager. John Haataja has been hired to take care of janitorial needs and maintenance. Anna Hillukka has been hired as kitchen manager. We thank them for their willingness to serve. See page 15 of the June/July issue of the Voice of Zion for more information on the work at Stony Lake Camp.
  • The LLC presented a pulpit Bible to Prairie Shores Camp in Saskatchewan as a gift at their dedication services, held May 24–26. May God richly bless the camps held there and grant His abundant blessings.
  • Volunteers are putting final touches on the new bunkhouses and sauna building at SLC. May God richly repay all who have contributed both time and resources to the project. It will serve for years to come.
  • LLC Project Coordinator, Jessica Nikula, will be getting married June 15 and leaving the LLC office in July, after Summer Services. We thank Jessica for her time working for the LLC and wish her and husband Mike Ylioja God’s abundant blessings in Saskatchewan.
  • An LLC Music Coordinator will be announced in July. It is a new part-time position at the LLC office in support of all areas of LLC music.
  • 2019 LLC Summer Services and meetings will be held July 4–7 in Monticello, Minn. Final details are being worked out at the LLC Silver Springs property with hopes that many services guests are making plans to attend. A few notes about services:

~A brochure with the service schedule and essential service site information will be available to download from the LLC website.

~Facebook users can find service information at “Laestadian Lutheran Church”

~Instagram users can find information @laestadianlutheran

~Sermons will be broadcast on LLC’s website.

~There will be song projection, but if you wish, bring a songbook for personal use.

~“Therefore, Being Justified by Faith” has been chosen as the topic for discussion at the Ministers and Board Members meeting.

~The service motto, “It is I, be not afraid,” will serve as the topic for the Youth Presentation Saturday evening.

~The LLC Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, July 6, at Monticello Laestadian Lutheran Church. Congregation delegates come prepared for the meeting after reviewing the 2020 draft Operating Plan with their respective congregations.

~Over 100 RVs have reserved space at the service site. There is still room to reserve spots, but space is limited. See LLC’s website (LLC Summer Services > Lodging).

I wish each of you a blessed summer! Welcome to Summer Services.

Eric Jurmu


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