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June/July 2017 Update

June 01, 2017

June and July can be busy months with graduations, family trips, and the many activities at our LLC camp centers. I want to congratulate all 2017 high school and college graduates—you have received a milestone in life! June also marks Father’s Day. Dear Fathers, may our good God continue to bless you for the love and care that you extend to your families and loved ones. Your children need clear and loving instructions in the day in which we live. May God also bless those of you attending confirmation school this summer. This special event marks an important milestone in a young believer’s life. Your parents are sending you with many prayers.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Arvo and Annukka Pyykölä, of Kalajoki, Finland, will begin their month-long tour of LLC congregations at the 2017 LLC Summer Services in Howard Lake, Minn. Arvo and Annukka have three children and twelve grandchildren. We wish them God’s grace blessings on their trip.
  • About 120 LLC congregation board members attended a workshop, April 29, at the Minneapolis church. A presentation, “God Hath Set Some,” was used as the basis for the day’s discussion. It spoke of the responsibilities, both spiritual and temporal, that ministers and board members have been given. God blessed the day, and we realized again the need for continued discussions around these timely matters.
  • The LLC Update Tour has been well received in the congregations where it’s been held. There have been many positive comments with important feedback from congregations to implement.
  • A purchase agreement has been signed with the Monticello congregation to purchase 70 acres of the Silver Springs property. Financing is in place so a closing date can be set with the title company. Money collected from the SLC support area dues will be used to pay on the loan. Plans are now being considered for future development of the property.
  • The Saskatchewan congregations have shown interest in a Girl Guides Camp for many years. The camp is located on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker, and is now listed with a realtor. The Saskatchewan congregations have toured the facilities and will discuss a price they are willing to offer before tenders close June 4. Again we say, Thy will be done!
  • 2017 LLC Summer Services and meetings will be held June 30–July 3 in Howard Lake, Minn. Planning for this event requires hours of labor, shared between the LLC staff and hosting congregations. Final details are being worked out with hopes that many services guests are making plans to attend. The rented facility is a fairgrounds complex. Once on site you will see the challenges that planning committees faced in outfitting the site for our use. A few notes about services:
    • A brochure with the service schedule and essential site information will be available in mid-June to download from the LLC website.
    • Facebook users can find services information at “2017 LLC Summer Services.”
    • Sermons will be broadcast on the LLC website.
    • NOTE: There will not be song projection, so please remember songbooks for personal use.
    • The LLC Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, July 1, at the Cokato Laestadian Lutheran Church. Congregation delegates come prepared for the meeting after reviewing the 2018 LLC Draft Operating Plan with their respective congregations.
    • “The Sacraments” have been chosen as the topic for discussion at Saturday’s Ministers and Board Members meeting. “The Life of Martin Luther” will serve as the topic for the youth presentation Sunday evening.
    • Over 50 RVs have reserved space at the service site. There is also room to reserve spots for tents by contacting the lodging committee.
  • Harri Vähäjylkkä has now received his visa to come to serve as full-time pastor for the Arizona congregations of Phoenix and Prescott. Part of his time will also be shared with the LLC. Harri, with his wife Elina and their children, are planning to arrive in mid-June. It is a big move, leaving what is familiar to a new beginning here in the U.S. We wish for them God’s abundant blessings as they prepare to come.
  • Four new ministers have recently been added to LLC congregations in Minnesota: Ross Hillukka, in Monticello; Loren Hillukka, Kevin Moll, and Adrian Pirness, all in Elk River. This is a calling for our entire Zion. May God grant His blessings to them and their families.

I wish each of you a blessed summer!

Eric Jurmu

June/July 2017 Voice of Zion

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