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June/July 2018 Update

June 01, 2018

June and July are often busy months with graduations, family trips, and the many activities at our LLC camp centers. Congratulations to all 2018 high school and college graduates – you have achieved a milestone in life! In June, we also celebrate Father’s Day. Dear Fathers, may the Heavenly Father bless and protect you for the love and care that you have extended to your families and loved ones. In the day in which we live your children need clear and loving instructions. May God also bless those attending confirmation school this summer. It is an important time in the life of a young believer. Your parents are sending you with many prayers.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Ilpo and Paula Saukkonen, of Liperi Finland, will begin their month-long tour of LLC congregations at the 2018 Summer Services in Snohomish, Wash. Ilpo and Paula have two children. We wish them God’s grace blessings on their trip.
  • 104 LLC ministers attended the SLC Ministers camp April 13–15. Although we live in a time when the enemy of souls has caused confusion and unrest, we rejoice that the Holy Spirit spoke clearly and continues to call and bring comfort for weak and faulty travelers.
  • The LLC presented framed pictures of Martin Luther and Lars Levi Laestadius to the Monticello congregation as a gift at their dedication services, held May 18–20. We wish the congregation God’s abundant blessings now and always.
  • Believers living in California have officially organized as the Coastal California Laestadian Lutheran Church (CCLLC). They will be submitting a letter to the LLC Board Meeting, July 5, requesting official recognition as an LLC member congregation. When approved, LLC congregations will total 34.
  • It’s remarkable to follow progress at the Prairie Shores Camp (PSC) in Saskatchewan. How thankful we are that God has given believers there a mind and willingness to serve. PSC will serve now and in the generations to come. May God continue to provide as only He can.
  • Volunteers are starting work on the new bunkhouses and sauna building at SLC. With work continuing through the summer months, the new buildings will be ready for the 2019 camp season.
  • In June, a Silver Springs video presentation will be sent to LLC congregations. The video will show progress in clean-up and updating plans in preparing the property for 2019 LLC Summer Services.
  • 2018 LLC Summer Services and meetings will be held July 5–8 in Snohomish, Wash. Final details are being worked out with hopes that many services guests are making plans to attend. The rented facility is Glacier Peak High School. It is a beautiful building with an open and airy feel, with lots of windows and beautiful Cascade Mountain views. A few notes about services:

~ A brochure with the service schedule and essential site information will be available mid-June to download from LLC’s website.

~ Facebook users can find service information at “2018 LLC Summer Services.”

~ Sermons will be broadcast on the LLC website.

~ Note: this year the songs will be projected, but bring a songbook if you’d like for personal use.

~ “The Freedom of a Christian” has been chosen as the presentation/discussion topic at Friday’s Ministers and Board Members meeting.

~ “I believe in the Holy Ghost” will serve as Saturday evening’s Youth Presentation topic.

~ The LLC Annual meeting will be held Saturday, July 7, at Glacier Peak High School. Congregation delegates come prepared for the meeting after reviewing the 2019 draft Operating Plan with their respective congregations.

~ Over 50 RVs have reserved space at and near the service site. There is still room to reserve spots by contacting the lodging committee, but space is limited.

  • Rod Nikula will retire as LLC Christian Education Coordinator on June 29. We thank Rod for his time working for the LLC, and wish him and his wife Elaine God’s abundant blessings in retirement. We also welcome Jessica Nikula as LLC Project Coordinator.
  • Matthew and Liisa Keranen, and their family, are moving from Finland to the U.S. in late June. 
  • Matthew will start at the LLC office mid-July, taking over as LLC Publications Director for retiring Director Walt Lampi. We welcome Matt and Liisa, and also thank Walt for his time of service for the LLC. We wish Walt and his wife Avis God’s continued blessing in retirement.

I wish each of you a blessed summer!

Eric Jurmu


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