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March 2020 Update

March 01, 2020

In the middle of a long, cold midwestern winter I personally look forward to the LLC Winter Services held annually in Phoenix. Due to continued growth of the event, the services this year will be held at Desert Mountain School instead of at the Phoenix congregation’s church. Though it will require additional work for the believers in the southwest, we are thankful for the willing hearts of those serving. May God richly repay your service of love.

The motto for services, “Watch ye, stand fast in faith” (1 Cor. 16:13) is timely. Each of us have personally experienced the importance of watching so that the treasure of faith wouldn’t be taken from us. The congregation discussion evening topic will be “The Kingdom of God – Our Home.”

May our rich heavenly Father bless our weekend of services and fellowship.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Guests from many areas of North America, Sweden and Finland joined members of the Laestadian Lutheran Church of Florida February 14–16 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Florida Winter Services. A group trip from Finland was also arranged.
        The weekend included sermons by Finnish, Canadian and American ministers, along with a history of the congregation and Winter Services presented by Don Lahti and Keith Waaraniemi.
        The theme for the services was “The gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation,” from Romans 1:16. Listeners heard this precious message of salvation and were reminded to care for the gift of living faith, believing the forgiveness of sins preached in Jesus’ name and precious blood.
        Florida Winter Services will be held again next year, February 19–21, 2021!
  • Many on the LLC staff plan to attend LLC Winter Services and meetings in Phoenix. We are thankful that the believers in the southwest have been willing to host this event for many years.
  • Seniors Camp will be held at the Phoenix church, March 12–15. This annual event supports our believing elders and it’s comforting to see how God takes care of His own, also in this later phase in life.
  • An extra day of meetings for LLC Board and staff will take place during the Winter Services weekend. The extra meetings will focus on reorganization of the LLC office and camp staff due to retiring staff and increasing workloads. Another topic at these meetings is the long-term development of LLC property at Silver Springs.
  • An LLC Update tour is scheduled every three years. The 2020 Update tour is underway and will continue throughout this year with visits to each congregation. We have received good feedback from congregations visited so far. This feedback is important; it is good to know what needs congregations have so we can determine how best to help meet those needs.
  • An LLC music album was recorded at Elk River church at the end of February. The theme for the album is heaven, and the recorded songs all speak to the longing that a child of God has for their heavenly home.
  • A book written by Keijo Nissilä and recently translated from Finnish, Let Us Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Our Faith: A Letter to the Hebrews, will be released at 2020 Summer Services. Project Manager John Stewart is working with Keijo to make final edits before publishing.
  • A workshop for 2020 confirmation school teachers was held at the LLC office on February 8. The workshop focused on implementation of the updated confirmation curriculum and teaching strategies.
  • The annual LLC Camp Staff Workshop will be held on Thursday, March 5 at the LLC office with a web conference connection for remote participants. This workshop for camp directors will focus on the topics of kindness and bullying and supporting peers at camp.
  • There are still summer jobs available at all LLC camp facilities. Information on these postings has been sent to LLC congregations. Applications should be submitted to the LLC office by March 15.
  • Planning for 2020 Summer Services continues. We are waiting for final meal details from NMU staff. We will post the information on the LLC website as it becomes available. There will be RV spots available at the Superior Dome. Please contact the LLC office or the Summer Services planning committee for information.
  • The biennial LLC Ministers Camp will be held at Stony Lake Camp April 17–19. As in previous years, the hope is that congregations would support their ministers in attending. The focus of the camp will be on timely topics and spiritual concerns that we are experiencing in North American Zion, along with pastor-training sessions.
  • Annual workweeks will be held at our camp facilities as follows: Stony Lake, April 3–13; Hasscib Lake, May 11–16, with HLC Open House on May 17. Camp facility directors rely on volunteers young and old to help prepare for another camp season. All help is welcome! 

May God continue to bless His work as only He can.

Eric Jurmu

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