May 2019 Update

May 2019 Update

May 01, 2019

In May, we observe the special occasion of Mother’s Day. It is the day of the year set aside in honor of our mothers. Too often a mother’s work is minimized, or worse, forgotten. May God protect and keep each of you dear mothers as His own, and may He richly repay you for the care you selflessly provide for your families. We wish for you God’s abundant and continued blessings!

Thank you, mother dear, so precious for the love that you have shown. We thy children are so grateful for this love that we have known. Give abundant gifts, dear Father, to our mother on the way. Guide her on the way to heaven unto rest with Thee one day. (SHZ 425:1,4)

May also marks the beginning of graduations. Congratulations to all 2019 graduates. It is a milestone you will always remember. May God grant you life’s blessings as your path onward unfolds.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • The LLC’s biennial Board Members Workshop was held in Monticello, Minn., on April 13. Member congregations sent board members, ministers and annual meeting delegates to attend the workshop. There were 261 participants along with a number of guests present at the Monticello church. In addition, there were approximately 115 remote connections to the workshop. All but three LLC member congregations were represented. 
  • Phoenix congregation pastor Harri Vahajylkka kept a presentation entitled “The Holy Spirit and the Congregation of God.” The presentation spoke of the many ways in which the Holy Spirit works among believers in the congregation. Through the discussion that followed, workshop participants from all areas of North America were able to hear there how unity has been tried in recent times. We trust that in God’s time a breath of fresh air will again blow through North American Zion. A link to the presentation can be found on LLC’s website, under News and Notes.
  • Planning for the 2019 Summer Services at Silver Springs is in high gear. Committees are planning for 6000 service guests. You can find updated information in the Voice of Zion and on the LLC website.
  • The notice and agenda for the 2019 LLC Annual Meeting has been sent to LLC congregations. Included in the packet is the draft 2020 LLC Operating Plan and a link to a video that has been produced to help congregations and delegates in preparation for the LLC Annual Meeting.
  • A few notes from the LLC Board meeting, April 12

~ Gordie Kumpula served the Publications Committee for 46 years. The Board recognized his retirement with a small gift. We thank Gordie for his many years of service and wish him and his wife Loraine God’s abundant blessings in retirement.

~ Mike Glynn has agreed to serve as interim Operations Manager at SLC. Mike will work closely with Neil Waaraniemi, SLC Director, to create a plan that can be applied into the future.

~ The Board approved establishing a Music Coordinator position. It is a new part-time position that will support musical aspects of all areas of LLC work: Publications, Christian Education, Mission Work and Pastoral. A job description and posting for the position was sent to LLC congregations in April.

~ A committee was established to review the LLC Sexual Misconduct Policy and make suggestions for revision and change. The Board has asked the following individuals to serve on the committee: John Stewart, LLC Board Member; Harri Vahajylkka, Pastor; Becky Randall, Medical Professional; Megan Keplinger, School Administrator; Elizabeth Juntunen, LLC Staff; and Darren Hendrickson, Mental Health Professional.

~ The Board approved establishing a committee to consider long-term plans at Silver Springs. The LLC Personnel-Facilities committee will discuss this and bring names to the July Board meeting for action.

~ A Catechism Review Committee was approved to consider recommendations to be incorporated in our future printing of the catechism. Walt Lampi, Adrian Pirness, Carey Simonson, Harri Vahajylkka and Ben Waaraniemi have agreed to support this effort.

We see how God has graced us with a time to work. May He continue to guide the efforts of His kingdom.

Eric Jurmu