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October 2019 Update

October 01, 2019

As summer fades and turns to fall, we are reminded again how our life is in God’s hands. We can feel secure remembering how God blessed our Summer Services and meetings. At the Annual Meeting congregation delegates gave clear support to the work of the LLC Board and staff here at the office. Another camp season has passed, and we pray for God’s increase to the seed sown in the hearts of His own. We have felt the security of God’s kingdom and join with the words of the songwriter:

Now as the world is turbulent and restless, people and nations tremble in their fears: “How will we meet the troubling threats before us? What will we face in future days and years?” Life is uncertain, frail, and full of sorrow. Man on the earth is as a passing shadow.

Saints long ago had all of your afflictions, wand’ring in deserts, tempted, blind, and lame – fighting their flesh, and facing roaring lions, friendless, and cast alive into the flame. The Son of Man is with us in that fire when with His own by mercy we endeavor (SHZ 541:1,3).

Updates on LLC Activities

  • Forty-one couples attended the LLC Ministers and Wives camp held at the Double K Retreat near Cle Elum, Wash., September 13–15. Camp discussion centered around the joys and concerns of our time and the mutual calling of the minister and his wife. One participant reflected how he felt the “still small voice” of the Spirit, teaching and guiding throughout the weekend. The camp location changes from year to year allowing area-wide participation, and it was encouraging to see how congregations supported sending ministers from all LLC areas. Next year the camp is scheduled for September 9–11 at Stony Lake Camp.
  • SRK minister Mikko Kälkäjä and his wife Marja-Kaisa arrived from Kiiminki, Finland, on October 1 for their month-long mission tour on the SRK-LLC speaker exchange. We wish them God’s blessing for their trip.
  • Notice has been sent to 14 excited opisto scholarship recipients for the 2020–21 school year. The opisto program continues to bring many blessings to God’s kingdom, here and abroad. We wish the students God’s blessings as they move forward with their plans.
  • “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” is the theme for the October 11–13 LLC Bible Camp at SLC. The lessons will focus on the nature and beauty of God’s kingdom.
  • Every few years the LLC Board, staff and spouses gather for a weekend workshop and board meeting. This year it will take place at SLC, October 25–27. In addition to discussing spiritual topics of our time, the board and staff will review and discuss the many areas of work that support God’s kingdom today.
  • Over 400 young and older singles attended the annual Peace Garden Youth Days. It is a wonderful blessing that so many can meet to gather around God’s Word in the fellowship of other believers. May God continue to give His increase.
  • The 2020 LLC Summer Services kickoff planning meeting will be held in Ishpeming, Mich. on October 12. Committee members from throughout the Eastern Region plan to attend. This gives planning committee members from both the hosting area congregations and the LLC the opportunity to review plans and support each other in the work. Services will be held July 2–5 at the Superior Dome in Marquette, Mich.
  • The annual ministers teleconference, originating from the LLC office, will be held November 7. This allows ministers to gather around matters central to the work and serves as a tool to maintain unity and love of the Spirit, which is so important in these times, and always.

We ask for your continued prayers that God will continue to guide and bless His work.

Eric Jurmu

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