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October 2017 Update

October 01, 2017

As summer fades into fall we can reflect on the many blessings God has gifted to His children.

God blessed our Summer Services and meetings, and our camp season went very well. Congregations are experiencing growth, and God is blessing them with new church buildings. With the added growth and needs of our youth, camp centers are being expanded and renovated, and a new camp was purchased in Saskatchewan. God has cared for the matters of His kingdom so well, and we pray for His continued blessings.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • The common theme heard when the camp boards met September 9 was how well the 2017 camp season went. This reflects the heart of faith of the students and reflects the teaching that they have received in the home. May God continue to bless this important work. A few details from the meeting:
    • An interim camp board has been established for the recently-purchased Girl Guide’s Camp in Saskatchewan. Plans are being made for a full year of camp activities in 2018. It is another of God’s blessings for each of us.
    • Jim Moll is retiring as Kamp Kipa Director after the 2017 camp season.
    • Tom Nevala is retiring as Hasscib Lake Camp caretaker after the 2017 camp season.
    • Joyce Honga, HLC Kitchen Manager, is also planning to retire after the 2017 camp season. We thank those who have served faithfully for many years and ask for God’s blessings for the ones filling their spots.
    • Due to increasing numbers of students in the Midwest, a second pre-confirmation camp will be held in 2018 at HLC, in addition to the one scheduled at SLC.
  • On September 15–17, an LLC Ministers and Wives camp was held at HLC. There were 103 participants from across North America. Feelings of unity, love, and joy highlighted the camp.
  • SRK speaker-brother Mauno Peltokorpi and his wife Marjatta arrived September 27 for a month-long mission tour on the SRK-LLC speaker exchange. We wish them God’s blessing for their trip.
  • The theme for the SLC Bible Camp, October 20–22, is Reformation and some of the significant doctrinal topics of that time. Teachers there will include Juhani Liukkonen and Antti Paananen, from Finland, along with Dan Wuollet and Randy Herrala. The camp is intended for all believers and provides an opportunity to gather around the basic matters of faith and God’s Word. All are welcome! However, enrollment is required on the LLC website.
  • Fourteen scholarships for the 2018–19 opisto year will be filled in October. It has been an important work form in God’s kingdom, as over 500 North American students have attended Finland’s opistos since the program began in the early 1980s.
  • In October, I will travel to Seattle for a 2018 LLC Summer Services “kickoff” planning meeting. When there, we will tour the Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, which has been selected as the service site. This gives Planning Committee members from both the hosting area congregations and the LLC opportunity to support each other in the work.
  • Also on this October trip I will keep LLC update presentations in the Northwest congregations. These presentations have brought many positive comments and important feedback.
  • Committee work has started to consider how LLC-purchased land at Silver Springs can be used for Summer Services. Plans are being made to use the property for 2019 Summer Services, to be hosted by Rockford. In this, as in all things, we pray for God’s guidance.
  • Stony Lake Camp remodel has started with the removal of the upstairs benches. It will allow a greater number to participate in the October Bible Camp. Renovation of the main lodge will continue with volunteer labor through the winter months.
  • LLC Publications Week, October 22–29, will focus on music in the life of a believer. A video presentation will be sent to LLC congregations to aid in the discussions.
  • Come All That Labor unto Me is the title of the latest CD released by the LLC. God’s gifts of work and rest are the basis for this album. Wholesome music is helpful and important for believers in support of their faith life. You can purchase the CD, or download the digital version directly from iTunes, etc.
  • The LLC Sunday school teacher’s video, “Daniel in the Lions’ Den,” is published and available on the LLC website. It is the third in a three-part series to aid our Sunday school teachers.
  • The annual ministers teleconference, originating from the LLC office, will be held November 2. This gives opportunity for our ministers to gather around matters central to the work and also serves as a tool to maintain unity and love of the Spirit.

We ask for your continued prayers. May God continue to guide and bless His work.

Eric Jurmu

October 2017 Voice of Zion


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