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Online Broadcasts

March 26, 2020


We have all felt the impact of the restrictions on gathering due to the concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. The opportunity to listen to God’s Word online is truly a blessing under these circumstances. Many congregations that already webcast their services have transitioned to services in an online format. The LLC suggests that congregations, if they have not already done so, consider adding a Wednesday evening service or Bible class and an online Sunday school lesson. Beginning this Thursday, the Phoenix and Menahga congregations will begin broadcasting short evening devotions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. An example of a possible weekly online schedule appears below. The Phoenix and Menahga evening devotions started as local efforts. LLC is now simply helping with the coordination and sharing of information. If it becomes a longer-term effort, it could become an LLC effort and more help would be needed and sought.

Please check congregation web sites for these or other online activities. The LLC congregations that currently broadcast online are available from the "Listen to a Worship Service" link.


Sunday: Local online Services
Local online Sunday school or a Sunday school at home by parents
Monday: Evening Devotion, Phoenix 8 pm MST
Tuesday: Evening Devotion, Menahga 8 pm CDT
Wednesday: Local online services or Bible class
Thursday: Evening Devotion, Menahga 8 pm CDT
Friday: Evening Devotion, Phoenix 8 pm MST


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