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September 2018 Update

September 01, 2018

With fall in the air, another year of camps is winding down, summer is almost over and children are heading back to school. May God give growth to the seed of faith planted at the many camps this summer. I’m especially mindful of the confirmation students, as they’ve returned home from their respective confirmation schools. May God bless the teaching and instruction received there; it’s an important time in a young one’s faith life.

“Father dear, to You we pray as our children leave today and return to school and study. You have given them this duty; be with them and bless them! Father dear, You hear our prayers, You know all our hopes and cares, all our dreams and expectations, all our fears and tribulations. Father, help our children!” (SHZ 447:1,2).

Updates on LLC Activities

  • On the most recent mission trip to The Gambia and Senegal, the mission speakers also traveled to Guinea for services for the first time. There were some there to whom God granted the grace of repentance. Requests for services continue to come from other African nations as well. May God continue to give hearts to support His work.
  • Twelve North American opisto students have left for their year in Finland. We realize many blessings from the program, for the students and North American Zion. Scholarship committee meetings are being held now to consider applicants for the 2019–20 year. There are 15 applications for 12 scholarships.
  • The annual joint Camp Boards meeting will take place September 8 to discuss how camps went this year and make plans for 2019. At the meeting, the camp boards will also hear an update on ongoing renovations at SLC and Kamp Kipa.
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-in of the bunkhouses and bathhouse are completed at SLC. Exterior siding and interior finishes are the next big projects slated for completion.
  • From Heart to Heart, There Love Abides, is the title of the CD to be released by the LLC this fall. It is a recording of friendship and love-themed songs produced by Colorado believers. You will be able to purchase the CD or download it directly from iTunes, etc. A digital recording of singing at 2017 Peace Garden Youth Days will also be available soon for download.
  • 2018 Peace Garden Youth Days will be held September 1–2. This has been an LLC event for 46 consecutive years. We wish safe travels and God’s blessings as the young adult believers gather for a weekend of fellowship and refreshment around God’s Word.
  • A Bible class teachers’ teleconference will originate from the LLC office, September 27. The workshop is intended for teachers in all areas of work.
  • The September 28–30 HLC Bible Course will focus on the believer and the Law, Christian freedom, justification and sanctification.
  • This year’s LLC Ministers and Wives camp will be held October 12–14, at the Prairie Shores Camp, in Saskatchewan. It will be the first time for such an event to be held there. It has been encouraging to see how local congregations support efforts to send those who have been called to serve.
  • SRK speaker-brother Eero Nuolioja and his wife Hillevi, of Kempele Finland, will arrive October 1 on a month-long mission tour on the SRK-LLC speaker exchange. Eero is a retired principal and pastor, recently retiring from the Ranua Opisto. In addition to services, Eero and Hillevi will attend the Ministers and Wives camp in Saskatchewan. Eero will also attend the LLC Board meeting on October 27. We wish them God’s blessing for their trip.

2019 Summer Services Update

  • An outdoor venue is being planned at LLC’s Silver Springs property to host 6500 service guests.
  • Necessary approvals are in place with Wright County.
  • A 120’x260’ main service tent has been reserved and can seat up to 6000.
  • An 80’x120’ tent has been reserved for dining.
  • There are plans for 300 RV sites with electrical hook-ups and access to water. Sign-ups will be through the LLC website in coming weeks. The camping fee will help offset the cost of bringing electricity and water to the property.
  • There will be ample tenting area.
  • The Monticello church will be used for elders and LLC meetings.
  • Youth activities will be kept onsite.

May God continue to bless His work as only He can.

Eric Jurmu


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