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June/July 2019 Sister Organizations Meet to Discuss Cooperative Work

June 01, 2019

Consistent with our current practice of holding biennial cooperative work meetings, representatives of the LLC, SFC and SRK met May 3–4, 2019, for the third time. The SFC hosted this year’s meeting at Dalarnas fridsförening (Dalarna Association of Peace) in Gagnef, Sweden.

At the meeting we reviewed and updated our cooperative work document, which gives clear direction to shared areas of work. We agreed on increasing mutual camp work and strengthening cooperation in summer services radio programming and humanitarian aid. In our mutual mission work, it was decided to use speakers from the countries being served for mission trips directed to other nearby countries. A new model was implemented for continuing long-term planning of building facilities in mission work localities. Discussions were held in mutual trust and an atmosphere of unity, freedom and openness. We received encouragement to continue in the work of the gospel, trusting in God in all matters.

In our cooperative work meetings, we regularly discuss questions that pertain to the life of faith. We had spiritual discussion around the topics of concern today. The introductions for discussion this time were on the doctrine of the congregation, the power of the keys, as well as words from the book of the Prophet Jeremiah: I give you a future and a hope.

A constructive, loving and one-minded spirit prevailed in our meetings. In encouraging discussions, we affirmed that God’s congregation is a battling congregation. We rejoice that in Finland, Sweden and North America God does His kingdom’s work. The Holy Spirit guides the mutual congregation everywhere in the world.

After the meetings LLC brothers were able to serve at mission services in both Sweden and Finland. We returned home thankful for God’s continued guidance and blessings. We warmly thank our brothers and sisters in Sweden and Finland for their gracious hospitality. The next cooperative work meeting will be held in Finland in 2021.

Eric Jurmu

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