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SHZ 425 Thank You, Mother Dear, So Precious

Members of the Rockford Laestadian Lutheran Church Children’s Choir remember their mothers. We join them in wishing God’s blessings to the mothers in our lives.

LLC Sunday School Lesson - May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day! In this lesson, we discuss mothers in the Bible. We remember and learn from their example. We are also thankful for the mothers in our lives. Do you remember what the catechism says about honoring our own mother? Welcome to Sunday school! Laestadian Lutheran Church © 2020 All rights reserved.

SHZ 430 Joyful Voices Clearly Ringing

LLC Congregation members across the continent greet you with the joyous message which speaks of God’s protection, care, and guidance. Feel free to sing along! Laestadian Lutheran Church © 2020 – All rights reserved.

Joy in Heaven - Song and Hymn of Zion 587

View and sing along with this beloved song of Zion as recorded at Elk River Church on May 3, 2020, during LLC Virtual Song Services. All rights reserved.

LLC Sunday School Lesson - April 26, 2020

In our church calendar, this Sunday, April 26, is Good Shepherd Sunday. In this Sunday school lesson, we remember that Jesus is our Good Shepherd, who cares for His lambs. When we are in the safe care of our Good shepherd, we are lacking nothing. We are thankful to our Shepherd for the good care that He gives us. Welcome to Sunday school!

I am Jesus' Little Lamb

Sing along with the beloved Children's song "I am Jesus' Little Lamb." These illustrations by Karen Fredrickson are from the same-named board book published by the LLC in 2018.

The Lord's Prayer

What do we pray for when we say the Lord's Prayer? Find out in this video which features dialog among believers of many ages along with Karen Fredrickson's illustrations, which were originally published in the board book "The Lord's Prayer" in 2019.

SHZ 119:Risen is Our Sun in Victory - Virtual Congregation Singing

LLC Congregation members across the continent have come together online to sing an Easter greeting in a virtual congegation recording. Feel free to sing along!

Easter Sunday School Lesson

Welcome to Sunday school! Join us on a Passion Week journey. Follow parts of Jesus’ path from Palm Sunday through the glorious resurrection on Easter morning. This lesson incl>pudes narration, reflection, Scripture and songs that collectively remind us of Christ’s act of love toward us.

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