2021 LLC Summer Services

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2021 LLC Online Summer Services, July 1-4

Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life (Rev. 2:10)

Please note that all times in the schedule are Central Daylight Time

Items in italics are radio programs

Thursday, July 1

Internet radio broadcast 5:00—10:00 p.m.

9:00           LLC Board of Directors Meeting (LLC Office)

5:00           Psalms & Music: The Joyful Child of God

5:30           Radio for Kids

6:00           Opening Service

                      SHZ 159

                      SHZ 526

                      LLC Welcome: Jim Frantti

                      SHZ 292

                      Greetings from Sister Organizations:  Adrian Pirness

                      SHZ 319

                      SHZ 513

                      Live News

                      Psalms & Music: God Hears and Helps    

                      Proverb for Today I

                      God Prepares People to Accept the Gospel Message  

                      Pray and Keep Going Forward

                      Psalms & Music: God is Our Security

                      Thoughts about Service Motto

Friday, July 2

Internet radio broadcast 9:00 a.m.—10:00 p.m.

9:00            Morning Coffee  

                      Archived Sermon: Lauri Hakso (EN-FIN)


                      SHZ 120

                      SHZ 153

                      Service: Pete Lever

                      SHZ 170

                      Service: Terry Ruonavaara           

                      SHZ 368

                      SHZ 337   

                      Live News

                      Psalms & Music: The Lord is Our King

                      My Psalm Brings Thoughts of  Summer Services

1:00           Radio For Kids

                      Proverb for Today II

                      A Christian Poet


                      SHZ 451

                      SHZ 449

                      Children's Service: Joe Ojalehto

                      SHZ 524

                      Service: Don Lahti

                      SHZ 297

                      Publications Announcement        

                      SHZ 323

                      Live News

                      Human Plans but God Leads

                      Psalms & Music: God, the Great Creator

                      My Psalm Gives Comfort and Hope

                      Lessons Learned from Working Abroad 1

5:30           Radio For Kids

6:00           Congregation Evening

                      SHZ 325

                      SHZ 553

                      Opening Prayer: Jim Frantti

                      SHZ 181

                      Congregation Evening Presentation: Jon Bloomquist

                      SHZ 171

                      SHZ 176

                      Live News

                      This Song Spoke To Me

8:00           Virtual Song Services     

                      Archived Sermon: Sam Roiko (EN-FIN)

Saturday, July 3

Internet radio broadcast 9:00 a.m.—10:00 p.m.

10:00        Online LLC Annual Meeting (originating from the LLC Office)

                      Devotion: Steve Haataja                  

9:00            Morning Coffee Interview: LLC History  

                      Archived Sermon: Peter Nevala (EN-FIN)

                      Thoughts About Service Motto


                      SHZ 493

                      SHZ 173

                      Service: Roger Plough

                      SHZ 395

                      Service: Tim Niskanen         

                      SHZ 289

                      SHZ 327

                      Live News

                      My Psalm is a Prayer for Guidance and Protection

                      Proverb for Today III

1:00           Radio For Kids

                      A Powerful Poem

                      Ecuadorian Kids Going to School


                      SHZ 431

                      SHZ 450  

                      Children's Service: Terry Ruonavaara

                      SL 297

                      Service: Vesa Juujärvi (translated from Finnish)

                      Virsi 268

                      Service: Esa Koukkari (translated from Finnish)       

                      SHZ 345

                      SHZ 172

                      Live News

                      Lessons Learned from Working Abroad 2

                      The Book of Psalms

5:30           Radio For Kids


                      SHZ 338

                      SHZ 317

                      Service: Eric Jurmu

                      SHZ 474

                      Service: Mikko Pasanen

                      SHZ 339

                      SHZ 363


                      SHZ 473

                      SHZ 290

                      Youth Presentation: Randy Haapala

                      "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life" (Rev. 2:10)

                      SHZ 475

                      SHZ 512

                      Live News

                      With God Everything is Possible

Sunday, July 4

Internet radio broadcast 9:30 a.m.—4:00 p.m.

9:30           Psalms & Music: Elders

10:00        Sunday School      

                      SHZ 497

                      Sunday School: Brent and Jennifer Huhta

                      SHZ 453


                      SHZ 528

                      SHZ 169 (in Spanish)

                      Service: Petri Hotari (translated into Spanish)

                      SHZ 311

                      Service: Carey Simonson (translated into French)

                      SHZ 394

                      SHZ 563

                      Live News

1:00           Radio For Kids

                      Proverb for Today IV

2:00           Closing Services

                      SHZ 286

                      SHZ 587

                      Service: George Koivukangas

                      SHZ 576

                      Concluding Announcements

                      SHZ 540

                      Closing: Keith Waaraniemi

                      SHZ 353

                      SHZ 220


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