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Mukuma, Rwanda

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Mukuma, Rwanda

The Rwandan government has established rather strict building code requirements in recent years. This is, at least in part, an effort to eliminate so-called shanty churches, which are often unsafe. The restrictions appear to be quite demanding by African standards. This has significantly affected the operations of the Reformed Lutheran Church of Rwanda(RLCR). RLCR church facilities in Mukama, Cyabayaga, Rukomo, and Karama have been shut down or lost all together. The only facility that is still usable is in Bufunda.

The church in Mukama was the site of our seminar during the first mission trip to Rwanda in July 2019. It was closed a few months later because the roof and foundation, the outdoor toilets, and the lot size were all deemed inadequate. There was no possibility to add property to bring the lot up to the required size. In addition, they would have had to tear down the existing facility and rebuild from the ground up. As a result, they sold the property and used the funds purchase an additional land parcel required by code at Bufunda and to complete construction of the Bufunda church.

RLCR prefers Mukama as a site for its headquarters because it is centrally located among their congregations. The MW3 Facilities committee and the RLCR are working together to develop a building design, a building committee, and a construction management model, along with locating a suitable property. RLCR had initially provided an estimate for a typical stone foundation and adobe wall facility. These have an estimated life span of 10years. We will develop and estimate for construction using the MW3 model being used for the Atimé facility.

The first two images show the former facility in Mukama. The following pictures show some of the new property options that are being being considered.

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