Bus Information

Bus transportation is arranged from Southern Minnesota to Youth Camps and Pre-Confirmation Camps at Stony Lake Camp and to Pre-confirmation Camps at HLC. Bussing is also arranged for LLC Confirmation schools.

Stony Lake Camp Bus Schedule -  2021
‍There is one pick-up spot for Stony Lake Youth Camps

‍Pick Up Stop: Depart LLC Office @ 9:00am (campers should be at the LLC Office by 8:30)
Bus returns to the LLC Office about 3:00pm on return date.
Brainerd campers catch bus at Travel Center, Motley

‍CAMP                                                  Departure                             Return to the LLC Office
7th Grade YC                                          August 12                              August 14
‍6th Grade YC                                           August 14                              August 16                               ‍5th Grade YC                                          August 16                              August 18
‍4th Grade YC                                           August 18                              August 20                                                                                                            
LLC Office Address 212 W 3rdStreet, Monticello, MN 55362