Summer Services

2022 LLC Summer Services, June 30-July 3, Kelso, WA
(Hosted by Longview)
I will be glad and rejoice in thee (Psalm 9:2)

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The 2022 Laestadian Lutheran Church Annual Summer Services will be hosted by the Longview congregation beginning Thursday, June 30th and ending Sunday, July 3rd. Services will be held at the Kelso High School in Kelso, Washington which is located 1 mile from Longview. All service activities will be held at this location including youth activities. 

The motto for these services is from Psalm 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in thee.”

We ask for prayers that God would guide the planning of these services and look forward to this event! We extend a warm welcome to all!

On behalf of the Longview Summer Service Planning Committee,

Tyler Hendrickson, Chairman


When I first read the words of the service motto, an image came to mind much like the completed  emblem you see above. The meaning and significance of the elements contained within it became  clearer as the design progressed. 

Psalm 9 begins with David's words: "I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will show forth all  thy marvelous works." 

The scene depicted in the service emblem embodies God's "marvelous works" here in the Pacific  Northwest. The mountains, trees, wood, and water, which are so abundant here, are represented in a  stained glass motif.  

Psalm 9:2 contains the motto: "I will be glad and rejoice in thee." The three rays of the sun represent the  Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In his time, David was glad and rejoiced in God, the Father. The  modern, believing family depicted in the service emblem, is rejoicing in God, the Father, Jesus the risen  Son, and the Holy Spirit, three in one. 

The emblem also has twelve sides, which represent the twelve disciples of Christ. The members of the  believing family shown in the emblem are also disciples of Christ today.        

Carl Kangas


Multiple food options will be available. There will be food served in the cafeteria as well as outdoor dining . Food lines will be open throughout the day, a concession stand will be available, and coffee will be served all day throughout the weekend.  More details will be shared as available.


Thursday, June 30

9:00 LLC Board of Directors Meeting

6:00 Service

9:30 Song Services & Evening Devotion

Friday, July 1

10:30 Opening Ceremony

2:00 Children's Service

4:00 Song Services

4:30 Service

6:00 Minister and Board Members Meeting

6:00 Service

9:00 Youth Presentation

Saturday, July 2

9:00 LLC Annual Meeting

9:00 Service

10:30 Service

1:30 Song Services

2:00 Children's Service, Publications Announcement

4:00 Service

6:00 Communion Service

9:30 Song Services & Evening Devotion

Sunday, July 3

9:30 Sunday School

10:30 Service

2:00 Closing Service


Some lodging options in Kelso, WA

Quality Inn & Suites

723 7th Ave, Longview, WA 

(360) 414-1000

Guesthouse Kelso

501 Three Rivers Dr. Kelso, WA

(360) 414-5953 

Best Western 

310 Long Ave. Kelso, WA

(360) 425-9660

Comfort Inn & Suites

440 Three Rivers Dr. Kelso, WA

(360) 425-4600

Super 8 by Wyndham

250 Kelso Dr. Kelso, WA

(360) 562-0985

Red Lion Hotel

510 Kelso Dr., Kelso, WA

(360) 636-4400 

Motel 6

106 N minor Rd., Kelso, WA

(360) 425-3229

Camping and RV

There will be limited availability for Dry - RV and Tent Camping on the school grounds. More details to come regarding signing up for one of these spots.

Other camping and RV options

SeaQuest State Park

3030 Spirit Lake Hwy., Castle Rock, WA

(360) 274-8633

Offers Full Hook Up RV, Tent Camping, Yurts

Book online, book soon spaces are going quickly 

KOA Castle Rock

167 Schaffran Rd., Castle Rock, WA

(360) 274-8522

Offers full hook up RV and Tent sites

Brookhollow RV Park

2506 Allen St., Kelso, WA

(360) 577-6474

Toutle River RV Resort

150 Happy Trails Rd., Castle Rock, WA

(360) 274-8373

Camp Kalama RV Park

5055 Meeker Dr., Kalama, WA

(360) 673-2456