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May 2018 Update

May, 2018

In May, we mark the special occasion of Mother’s Day. It is the one day of the year that is set aside to honor our mothers. Too often, it seems, a mother’s work is minimized, or worse, forgotten. Dear mothers, please don’t tire in the endeavor, and may God richly repay you for the care you ..

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April 2018 Update

April, 2018

Easter dawns, our day of vict’ry; mercy’s morn is shining bright! Now the chains of hell are broken; lonely captives rise to light; fears of night and wrath are vanished—ev’ry cloud our Sun has banished. Death, where is your stinging scepter? Where, O grave, your victory? Satan, ..

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March 2018 Update

March, 2018

With the festive 2018 LLC Winter Services in Phoenix behind us, we look forward as “birds of heaven” to gather near Seattle, July 5–8, for 2018 LLC Summer Services. The child of God rejoices at such opportunities. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but..

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February 2018 Update

February, 2018

My wife Maggie and I returned recently from a month-long mission trip to Finland and Sweden. The trip took us to many congregations and we stayed in many believing homes. Believers there sent many greetings of love and God’s peace. We were also able to visit the opistos and witness the joy of be..

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January 2018 Update

January, 2018

Happy New Year! As we begin this new year our prayers arise to Thee; Oh, may we walk before Thee in love and unity. How time so quickly flees! Oh, bind our hearts forever With bonds that none can sever to Thee, O prince of Peace. The Spirit’s wisdom grant us, that in the fu..

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December 2017 Update

December, 2017

The angels once sang of the triumph of heaven on Christmas night. They sowed into mother earth’s sorrow a radiant star-filled night. That glorious hymn is resounding from each generation on. It causes the heart-frost to crumble, my forefather’s as my own. You hear it, O children, eac..

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November 2017 Update

November, 2017

Another calendar year is quickly coming to an end. We can pause to reflect on the goodness and protection that God has granted this year. November also marks the end of the church calendar year, and the approach of Advent. November 1, All Saints’ Day, is when we remember those who have gone befo..

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October 2017 Update

October, 2017

As summer fades into fall we can reflect on the many blessings God has gifted to His children. God blessed our Summer Services and meetings, and our camp season went very well. Congregations are experiencing growth, and God is blessing them with new church buildings. With the added growth a..

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September 2017 Update

September, 2017

September brings with it a hint of fall weather and the beginning of the school year. It also marks the end of another busy camp season. My heart joins with the songwriter in prayer for our children: “Dearest Jesus, help Thy children as Thine own e’er to remain, so that none would fall ..

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August 2017 Update

August, 2017

In visiting the Wright County Fairgrounds last fall, I remembered the 2016 LLC Summer Services in Essa, Ontario, and I wondered how God would bless in 2017. The facilities were similar in that both are outdoor airy venues. But, of course, one worries—what will the weather be like? We know ..

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June/July 2017 Update

June, 2017

June and July can be busy months with graduations, family trips, and the many activities at our LLC camp centers. I want to congratulate all 2017 high school and college graduates—you have received a milestone in life! June also marks Father’s Day. Dear Fathers, may our good God continue t..

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May 2017 Update

May, 2017

May marks the special occasion of Mother’s Day. Too often, it seems, a mother’s work is minimized, or worse, forgotten. Dear mothers, may God richly repay you for the care you unselfishly provide for your families. We wish for you God’s abundant blessings! O Jesus, bless our mothers dear. Wh..

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April 2017 Update

April, 2017

Rejoice, O flock of children! Your faith is not in vain. The sepulcher is empty. The enemy is slain. Since Jesus won the battle with death and sin and hell, where clouds and fear were reigning, there light and gladness dwell. So, keep the feast of Easter! O flock of children, sing! To Christ, th..

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March 2017 Update

March, 2017

With the festive 2017 Winter Services in Phoenix behind us, we look forward as “birds of heaven” to gather in Howard Lake, June 30–July 3, for 2017 LLC Summer Services. The child of God rejoices at such opportunities. May God continue to refresh each of us with His Word of grace as we journey ho..

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February 2017 Update

February, 2017

As we make plans for the upcoming camp season my thoughts often turn to our children and youth, and join in the words of the songwriter, “The youth of Jesus journey as morning dew, so pure in light and grace so holy, on Zion’s Mount so fair. The sea of grace is found there, and all who there abi..

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Upcoming Events

Jul 05, 2018

2018 LLC Summer Services

2018 LLC Summer Services July 5 – 8, 2018 Glacier Peak High School 7401 144th Pl SE Snohomish, WA 98296 “Be sti..


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