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God Created Marriage and Family

God has established marriage and family in His creation work and they are thus defined and governed by the natural law of God's creation (Gen. 2:18, 23, 24). Attempts to redefine marriage and family and to alter or resist their intended purpose thus injure families and society.-(LLC Position Statement, Section 4, Item 1)

Marriage-a Lifelong Covenant between Man and Woman

A fundamental change of values and concepts marked the so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s. Marital fidelity lost its significance. Sexual cohabitation has gained moral acceptance in our society. The fulfillment of nearly all one's inclinations has become permissible. This is manifested, for example, in legislation legalizing same-sex unions. God, however, instituted marriage as a lifelong covenant between man and woman. God's will is that sexual life between man and woman take place only in the estate of marriage. The Bible always calls sexual relations outside of marriage fornication.-(LLC Position Statement, Section 4, Item 2)

God Wishes to Protect and Strengthen Marriage and Families

God's Word seeks to protect and strengthen the family (Exod. 20:12; Prov. 1:8; Eph. 6:1-3). The family forms the fundamental unit of society and strong families are crucial to the health and preservation of society. Our society needs to value lifelong marriage and to support parenthood. Governments, policy makers, and public institutions at all levels should strive to support and strengthen marriage and families.-(LLC Position Statement, Section 4, Item 5)

The pressures of our time are stressing marriage and family life to the breaking point. Almost forgotten is that marriage was established by God, not man, and is a holy covenant. Marriage is intended as a joy, but corrupted man has made it a burden. It was given as a gift already to the first pair, and therefore all mankind, and has always been the only legitimate union of a man and woman (Gen. 2). It is not intended for those of the same sex. It is the most wholesome foundation of family life and society.

Holy Scripture and Christian values are increasingly challenged in our time. As a nation we are becoming more secular and less spiritual and as a result God's intent and purpose for marriage and family has become hidden to many. Christian understanding, based on the light of God's Word, views marriage as a holy covenant having a special purpose. Contrariwise, a large element of secular society no longer sees it as sacred or even necessarily only for heterosexuals. It is increasingly viewed only as a civil union wherein one has certain legal rights and one that may be dissolved when adversity arises or one becomes tired of the relationship.

Marriage is the foundation of family life and when lived according to God's Word, it provides the most wholesome environment into which children can be born and raised. It is the only intended setting for procreation (Gen. 1:28). The Christian understands each child to be a gift of God and the natural result of marriage (Ps. 127,128). Accepting children as God's creation does not spoil the marriage or reduce the joy as some assert. Accepting children does change the focus from self only to family as a whole, which is positive. The Christian view of childbearing and family is, nevertheless, at odds with the secular view which considers motherhood a hindrance to the pursuit of leisure or career ambitions, and children as a bother or drain on money. The present emphasis on self-fulfillment has caused some to look down on families who continue to have children. Our society now measures children in terms of cost. What is the cash burden for having children? What will I need to give up? Because of this very negative approach many forego having any children or will only have one or two. Such a view is far from God's intent for marriage and family as a place of love, security, belonging and children.

The rejection of God as Creator has led to a carnal and sensuous emphasis on sexual relationships. Sex outside of marriage is now generally accepted or at least tolerated, and is seen by many, more as a recreational activity than part of God's work in creation. Increased acceptance of homosexual behavior and co-habitation are driving society to redefine what marriage and family mean in the modern world. We are now faced with the paradox of homosexuals and lesbians demanding the right to marry and raise children but many heterosexuals desiring to live together unmarried and without children. As a result children are thrust into a very unnatural and unwholesome setting. Both homosexual and co-habitation relationships are detrimental to the rearing of children and the stability of society. God's Word pronounces all sexual activity outside of marriage as sin (Eph. 5:3).

Wholesome marriages and families provide a future of our nation. It is in that God-given setting that children are first taught positive values and receive the instruction of God's Word. There, children also learn respect for authority and how to properly interact in the network of human relationships. Such lessons carry through into future generations and are a benefit to society. Marriage and the work of parents deserve much more honor and support then they are presently given. As a society we need to return to the foundation of strong marriages and families and find ways to ease the burdens placed upon them. The first step is to return to and embrace the scriptural basis for both.

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