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April 2024 Update

Arvin Pirness | The Voice of Zion April 2024 - News & Notes Article --

The LLC Annual Meeting notice, agenda, and delegate packet will be sent to congregations in mid-April. In addition, the 2024 Draft Operating Plan will be sent for review. The Plan’s theme, “My help cometh from the Lord” (Psa. 121:2), reminds that God is all-knowing and a gracious God.

Meanwhile, around us we see signs of nature awakening from winter sleep. In this season of rebirth, may we find comfort in knowing that our help comes from the Creator of all things. Let us trust in God’s constant presence and love, assured that He guides us through every season of life.

Update on LLC Activities 


  • The Northwest and Southwest Area Mission Boards met in late February. Phil Jurmu attended the Southwest Area meeting and Arvin Pirness attended the Northwest Area meeting. The meetings were filled with discussion, including on current issues. The meetings were well attended and several participated online. From the Northwest area, Marv Wittenberg will be nominated to serve another 3-year term on the LLC Board, and Nate Maki of Alaska and Steve Laiho of Williston, N.D., will be nominated to fill open positions.

  • Joint meetings between the LLC, SRK and SFC take place at the LLC office April 3–10. These meetings are held every other year, with hosting turns rotating among the three organizations. Six brothers from Finland and three from Sweden will join the LLC to discuss areas of mutual work. 

  • We have received positive and constructive feedback on the LLC update being presented in LLC congregations in 2024. This update is requested by LLC congregations and is scheduled every three years. 

Mission Department

  • The annual ministers camp is held at Stony Lake Camp April 5–7. One brother from Sweden and six from Finland will attend the camp because of the joint LLC-SRK-SFC meetings ongoing at the same time.

  • Adrian Pirness and Juha Airas traveled to Malawi February 29–March 7. Services were held in ten locations. This is the second mission trip to Malawi. We pray that God continues to open hearts to believe in this country where we have begun arranging trips.

  • An LLC Home and Family Workshop was held at the Monticello Church on February 24. There were about 30 participants at the church and 20 online participants. The workshops are arranged to support congregation Home and Family contacts and committees. 

Communication Department

  • At LLC Winter Services, we released two new music albums, Walk with Me, Lord, which features men’s unison singing, and Conduce Él Mis Pasos, an album of unison singing in Spanish. You can purchase these albums on the LLC website or at your church bookstore. They are also available on Hearken, our digital publications app.

  • It’s time to apply for opisto scholarships for the 2025–2026 opisto year! You can find the application on our website.

  • LLC recently announced a fiction writing contest. This is open to writers of all ages. We hope to receive manuscripts of novels aimed at teenagers and young adults. We further hope that the manuscripts submitted to the writing contest depict the lives of believing characters and are supportive of faith. The contest is open through the end of November. For more information, see the notice on our website. 

LLC Staff Changes

March 6 was Adeline Moll’s last day of work at the LLC office. Adeline served as Mission Department assistant since the beginning of 2021. Adeline says working at the LLC has given her numerous opportunities and experiences. “I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many people whom I might not have known so well otherwise—office coworkers, SRK and SFC colleagues, believers in Ecuador, and volunteers involved in summer and winter services, camps, and foreign mission trips. I’m leaving this job thankful for the blessings of these past three years,” Adeline says.

A major portion of Adeline’s work was providing support for foreign mission trips: scheduling, travel documents and communication. Her technological expertise helped LLC improve operational components, such as an online scheduling tool and an information web page for foreign mission speakers.

Arvin Pirness, LLC’s Executive Director shares, “We at the office wish Adeline God’s richest blessings as she leaves her position. We are confident her future employer will experience in her a dedicated and resourceful worker like we have here at LLC.”

Maria Fredrickson’s position has changed from part-time to full-time. Along with her receptionist duties, Maria will provide administrative support for the Mission area of work. Meanwhile, LLC administration will evaluate current and future needs in the work as they consider how and when to fill the vacated position.  

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