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Through the Angels At Our Side

Jennifer Jurmu | Shepherd's Voice August/September 2021 - Home and Family Article --

What do you think of when you think of an angel? Maybe you think of wings, a halo on the head and a long dress? While it’s true that angels are heavenly beings, angels can also be friends or family. Sometimes an angel is your friend that comes to give you a hug when you are sad. They will ask you if you want to go play with them. An angel is someone who preaches the gospel to you in Jesus’ name and precious blood.

Have there been angels in your life? An angel can also be called an escort which is a fancy word for someone who goes somewhere with you so that you feel safe. We are on a journey to heaven and our escorts help us get there by reminding us to listen to our mom and dad, by showing us the right way to behave, by asking us what is wrong when we are sad, by giving us hugs, by including us when they see us by ourselves and by standing by our side when someone is not being nice. Most important, though, is that escort-angels tell us that our sins are forgiven. The gospel helps us get to heaven.

How Can Children Help Other Children?

• Be a friend! Greet other children and talk to them whether you know them or not.

• Include someone who is by themselves or looks lonely or lost. If you don’t know them, introduce yourself. If you already know them, ask them to join you. Ask how they are doing and what’s new with them.

• Play a game with someone. Here’s one idea: Write a list of six fun things to do together. Roll a die and do the thing that corresponds with the number on the die.

• If you see something that looks like an argument or an uncomfortable situation, ask what’s going on. Ask if you can help somehow, or if you should find an adult to help.

• Teach someone something new. Or ask them to teach you something new.

• If someone has chores, ask if you can help with the chores.

• Ask someone what their favorite song is. Sing the song together.

• If you are feeling restless or sorrowful or bad about something, you can ask someone to bless you with the gospel.

Things to visit about:

1. Have you seen an angel? Has anyone?

2. Who has asked you why you are sad?

3. Has anyone given you hugs when you’re hurt?

4. Have you heard forgiveness preached in your home?

Through the angels at our side
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