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Singing for 2021 LLC Online Summer Services.


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01 The Gracious Sun with Pure Light Shining SHZ 497

02 Our Morning Sun of Beauty SHZ 120

03 Oh, How Shall I Adore Thee SHZ 173

04 Lord, Open Thou My Heart to Hear SHZ 170

05 Jesus, in His Love and Mercy SHZ 297

06 My Gracious God! How I Rejoice! SHZ 289

07 Dearest Jesus, on Golgotha SHZ 311b

08 Jesus, Jesus, Only Jesus SHZ 317b

09 You Follow Jesus, Your Savior Dear SHZ 319

10 Before My Birth, Creator SHZ 394

11 Children of the Heavenly Father SHZ 395

12 I Turn My Gaze Unto Heaven on High SHZ 453a

13 Oh! Praise Immanuel! SHZ 363

14 Holy Majesty, Before You SHZ 338

15 Oh, Come All Ye to God, Adore Him! SHZ 325

16 In Thee Is Gladness SHZ 327

17 Lord, I lift My Voice in Praise SHZ 337a

18 My Soul in Blissful Rapture SHZ 339

19 How Wondrous Fair to Praise Thy Name SHZ 345

20 From Bonds of Sin and Death Now Free Forever SHZ 474

21 O God, As Heaven Sings SHZ 323

22 God Be With You Till We Meet Again SHZ 220b


22 Songs

Director: Liisa Keranen

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River, Elk River, Minnesota

Published July 2021

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2021

CD #62 In Thee Is Gladness

Excluding Sales Tax
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