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Songs and Hymns of Zion 2.


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1. Jesus' Holy Congregation SHZ 199

2. Built on a Rock SHZ 166

3. Rise, O Defender SHZ 183

4. O Jesus, Praise Be to Thy Holy Name SHZ 138

5. Come, Lord Jesus! SHZ 360

6. The Little While I Tarry Here SHZ 392

7. Jesus Said to His Disciples SHZ 185

8. Listen, Precious Young Believer SHZ 486

9. Yea, As I Live SHZ 409

10. O Father, Guide Our Nation's People SHZ 533

11. Lord, I Lift My Voice in Praise SHZ 337


11 Songs

Director: Matthew Keranen

Recording Venue: Jamsa Kristillinen Kansanopisto, Jamsa, Finland

Published January 2011

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2011

CD #31 Living Branches

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