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This collection of songs and hymns begins with beautiful morning praise for a new day of grace and concludes with evening prayers thanking God for keeping us in His flock. The song choices and arrangements on this choral CD recording in Saskatchewan reflect the many ways and reasons we give thanks to God. Choir directors: Katriina Edoh, Janna Ylioja


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01 The Gracious Sun With Pure Light Shining SHZ 497

02 Come Abide With Me SHZ 499

03 The Sun Goes Forth SHZ 495

04 Joyful Voices Clearly Ringing SHZ 430

05 In Thee Is Gladness SHZ 327

06 Oh, If of Jesus I Could Sing SHZ 347

07 Now My Burden of Sin Is Forgiven SHZ 348

08 Now I Thank Thee, Jesus SHZ 284

09 My Soul in Blissful Rapture SHZ 339

10 The Crystal Sea of Mercy SHZ 196

11 Sing, O People, of the Lord SHZ 349

12 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us SHZ 484

13 Love For My Savior Fills My Heart SHZ 285

14 Praises Rise to Thee, My Savior SHZ 313

15 If I Could Sing With Thousand Voices SHZ 335

16 O Wondrous Day of Blessedness SHZ 139

17 How Wondrous Fair To Praise Thy Name SHZ 345

18 O God, Be With Us SHZ 507

19 Within Thy Wings Enfold Me SHZ 508

20 Sun of My Soul SHZ 503

21 Dear Lord, Another Day Has Come to End SHZ 513


21 Songs

Directors: Katriin Edoh, Janna Ylioja

Published August 2019

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2019

CD #57 Praise Him!

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