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2017 International Peace Garden singing.


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1. I Turn My Gaze Unto Heaven on High SHZ 453

2. There Many Shall Come From the East and the West SHZ 405

3. Children of the Heavenly Father SHZ 395

4. O Gracious Lord, Uplift Us SHZ 158

5. O Jesus, Joy and Safety SHZ 380

6. Come With Us to His Temple SHZ 154

7. The Man Is Blest SHZ 175

8. The Lord, My God, Be Praised! SHZ 331

9. The Cross May Be a Burden SHZ 355

10. Now My Burden of Sin Is Forgiven SHZ 348

11. The Greatest Gift Is Love SHZ 417

12. O Holy Lamb of God! SHZ 603

13. The Peace of God Be With You SHZ 218

14. To Our Blest Creator SHZ 353


14 Songs

Recording Venue: International Peace Garden

Published August 2018

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2018

CD #52 Within the Gates of Zion

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