Father's Day

Many of us have seen Canada geese. Maybe you live in a province or state where they live or nest. When their eggs have been laid, the mother goose sits on the nest to keep the eggs warm to hatch them. The father goose stands close by the nest to protect the mother and her eggs. Once the goslings hatch, the father helps the mother bring the babies to the water to feed. They work together to raise their goslings so they can survive.(Source:

Like the Canada goose, our temporal father also cares for us and protects us. He goes to work to provide for his family. This helps us have a home, food to eat and clothes to wear. Our father also does housework and takes care of us children in our home. When we have done wrong, our father helps to remind us and encourages us to have our sins forgiven in Jesus’ name and blood. SHZ 426 says “Gracious God, O Lord and Savior, You have been so good to us; You have given us a father to instruct and nurture us.”

Some of us do not have a temporal father. In these situations, our Heavenly Father still cares for us. He gives us instruction through the Holy Spirit in our congregation. He allows our conscience to be bothered when we fall into sin. He provides in His kingdom here on earth special believing uncles, grandfathers, older brothers or other brothers in faith who can forgive and care for us with the gospel.

We can be thankful this Father’s Day for our temporal fathers. They strive to willingly do the work God has given them to provide and care for us. When our fathers are obedient to their duties, God blesses them. It says in God’s Word in Deuteronomy 10:15 “Only the Lord had a delight in thy fathers to love them.”

One special moment in our home is when Dad comes home from work. There is a happy reunion at the door when everyone is together again! Father’s Day is a day we can honor our fathers. One of our daughters said, “Father’s Day is a day I think of all he does for me.” We pray: “Give him wisdom of the Spirit to establish us in faith. Through the power of the gospel keep him in Your love and grace” (SHZ 426:3).

Scott and Gloria Simonson


Things to Visit About:

  • 1.Think of a time your father has shown his love by instructing and caring for you.
  • 2.How has our Heavenly Father cared for you?
  • 3.Think of your own father. What are you thankful for?
  • 4.What are some special moments in your home with your father?
  • 5.What kind of father or mother would you like to be if you have children one day?

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