God Made Everything We See

God Made Everything We See

“I’m amazed at God’s creation

when I see the birds in flight,

when the clouds above are passing,

when I see a star-filled night” (SHZ 524:1)

We see God’s creation all around us and it truly is amazing. In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we see how God created us and all things around us. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” His creation is perfect, and God saw that it was good. When we see the sunrise, when we see the rain and snow, or when we see birds flying to and fro, we see God’s creation.

We can get closer to God’s creation by spending time outdoors with our family and friends. My family has a little hunting shack in the woods in northern Minnesota where we like to spend time together enjoying God’s creation. It’s special when family and friends come and camp there with us, or just stop in for a visit. We like to sing songs of Zion around the bonfire.

With the change of season always comes a different reason to want to make a trip to the “shack.” Winter in the woods is quiet and peaceful. It’s a beautiful time of year. In the spring we fall asleep listening to the frogs sing and wake up to a turkey gobbling or a grouse drumming. Spring is also a good time of year to get firewood ready for the winter.

We look forward to trips to the shack in the fall, because the mosquitoes and bugs are gone after the hot summer, and the leaves start changing color and soon fall from the trees. The animals know that winter’s coming and it’s fun to watch them prepare for it. The squirrels gather nuts; the beavers store their food and shore up their huts. Soon it will be time to start hunting. Hunting season is an exciting time of year at the shack, and there’s something special about each hunt. This season can also be a way to enjoy God’s creation with family and friends.

We learn many things from God’s creation. When we see the birds and animals, we see that God provides for them and they are satisfied. We should remember that God provides for us, too, and protects us. Let’s remember to be thankful for this.

God shows himself in nature in so many ways. We see this in the beauty of the land—from the lakes to the forests, mountains to the plains, plants and animals, and all of His creation. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy this gift with family and friends. There are many fun activities we can do—like camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, or just exploring all the things that God has created. When we keep busy doing some of these fun activities, we don’t have as much time for worldly temptations.

God has created everything we need for this life, and He also provides for our eternal life. He gives us escorts to help us get to heaven. God wants us to get to heaven. He has created a sure way for us through His grace. When we believe our sins forgiven, we will get to heaven one day.

Bruce Hillukka

Things to talk about:

  • What are some songs that we sing at church that tell about God’s creation? Sing them together.
  • Are there activities you can plan with your family, friends, or neighbors to help enjoy God’s creation?
  • Take a paper and pencil outside into your yard. Make a list of the things you see that God has created. Listen, too. What do you hear?

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