Grandma, Why Are You Happy?

Grandma, Why Are You Happy?

A grandson recently asked me, “Grandma, why are you always happy? It seems like you’re happy for about a week!” This is my answer!

Dear grandchild!

We have been blessed with many children. They’ve gotten married and have supportive and loving husbands and wives. Your mom and dad and your aunts and uncles have brought us great joy. When you and your cousins were born, our love multiplied in such a way that we have a song and lots of love in our hearts! We pray to God that He will guide and keep your parents and all of our grandchildren in His care. It makes us happy when we see your mom and dad raising you in the love of Jesus.

You fill our hearts with love. You give us hugs when we need them, and you make us feel happy when we’re sad. We love watching you play and when you show us what you know. When you learn something new, we share your excitement. We love seeing you at church, and it warms our hearts when you eagerly put out your hand to say God’s Peace! You are a part of us; you are precious gifts of love.

We love your parents. We want to support them and their wishes for your life. We got this same love and support from our parents, your great-grandparents. This is life’s way, and it warms our hearts to see this circle of love continuing in your family. It’s special to see the love that you show for your parents. They also love you so much and want the best for you, knowing that God has plans for you. We share in your parents’ desire that you would be the best that you can be. They are faulty, just as we are faulty, and they need your love and forgiveness. It makes us happy when we see this harmony in your home.

We are encouraged in faith when you come over and even stay the night with us. When we tuck you into bed at night, we can preach the gospel to you, and you also forgive our sins in Jesus’ name and precious blood. We have seen some of your older siblings preach the gospel to you when they tuck you into bed. Your simple faith is so heartwarming. God is good!

We pray that you will be happy in life; we pray that God will someday give you a believing spouse; we want everything for you! Most of all, we pray that you will always be a believer.

We love your other grandparents, too. We are happy that we can be friends and travelers in faith with them and your aunts and uncles in their family, too. We have a large family of believers with whom we can visit about our lives. We learn a lot from them, and we are happy that you also love them and can learn from them, too!

Gloria Niemela


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