It’s Good to Read about Jesus

Rebecca Byman | 2017 May-June Shepherd's Voice

Do you like to read? You probably do, if you are reading this article from the Shepherd’s Voice! If you can’t read yet, then you can be happy that someone is taking the time to read to you. There are a lot of books and magazines to choose from when you want to read. It is a wise choice to sometimes choose something that teaches about God and His Son Jesus and, most importantly, our own faith. We want to get to heaven someday!

We All Have Our Favorites

Today at our house the Shepherd’s Voice came in the mail! Erin, 13, gets the mail on her way home from school, so she gets to be the first one to read it. Soon there is a line-up of who gets to read it next. Erin likes reading it to find out about other believing kids and where they live. Stephanie, 10, likes to read the whole thing. Her favorite are the fictional stories with illustrations. Bridgette, 7, is a good reader for her grade level, but she prefers listening when mom or dad read from the Shepherd’s Voice or Illustrated Home Bible. She also likes listening to the Jesus-series books on CD. Victor, 5, and Elise, 3, can’t read on their own yet, but they come running if someone starts to read aloud! They both like to look at the pictures, too. Victor colors the picture in the Shepherd’s Voice if someone else hasn’t already. They also ask lots of questions, usually about the pictures and sometimes about the story, too.

Dan, our dad, remembers listening to stories from the Child’s Garden of Bible Stories when he was little. He says the stories were easy to remember and later, when he heard the same stories told about at church, he learned even more details about them.

My favorite thing to read as an adult are the scriptural articles from the Voice of Zion. Of all the books and magazines that I read, nothing makes me feel as good as reading these. They are like short sermons that are available anytime. I can be interrupted and maybe hours later, or even the next day, finish what I started to read. Often, at church services, I find that something disrupts me from listening to the spoken Word, and when I can concentrate again, the sermon has moved on to another topic and I have missed something. But, I can always read and even reread the Voice of Zion articles!

The kids that go to Sunday school and Day Circle hear many Bible stories. They find that they learn even more about Jesus when they read about Him at home, too. They can ask more questions and can be more focused on the stories at home.

We don’t always choose to read about spiritual matters, however. There are other wholesome books and magazines available for both adults and children. They are important, too.

Read about Jesus Often!

Let’s remember to read about our Savior Jesus often! You children who can’t read yet can ask to be read to. We only get to hear about Him at church a few times a week. Taking the time to read about our faith during the week at home and in the summer when there is no Sunday school can help us get to heaven. These writings remind us to use the gospel to wash away our sins.

Rebecca Byman

Things to Visit About

1. What do you like about reading or listening to stories about Jesus, the Good Shepherd?

2. Do you have a favorite story? Why is it special to you?

3. If you can read, volunteer to read to a younger sister or brother who can’t read yet. What is your sister’s or brother’s favorite story?

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