Our Path to Heaven

Our Path to Heaven

When I was a boy, I sometimes spent time on my uncle’s farm. My cousins and I went out into the pastures around the farmyard. There were just a few trees, and usually we could see where we were going. It wasn’t always easy to walk across the pasture. Stones were hidden in the grass, and gophers made holes that could trip us. The cattle had made paths through the pasture. It was much easier to walk with a path to follow.

One songwriter tells about a pathway that we as believers are on: “The pathway of a child of God goes through a wilderness, yet every moment closer home it leads me nonetheless” (Song of Zion 470:1). We are the most fortunate people because we are on the path to heaven! The pathway goes through the world and leads us home to heaven.

The Bible tells us that we can choose a path to follow. God through the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah says: “Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths.” He then tells us why we should follow this path: “Ye shall find rest for your souls” (Jer. 6:16).

The path that we follow isn’t a new path, and it’s not a path that we make on our own. Who has been on this path before? Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, and God went before them in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. They traveled in the wilderness on the path that God made. The path we follow is an old path. All the believers before us, even those we read about in the Bible, have followed this path.

Why do we want to follow this old path? Jeremiah tells us that it’s a good path. Have you ever veered from a path and had to walk in tall grass, brush, snow, sand, or a forest? Then it’s not easy to walk. It’s hard work if we try to make our own path. The path we follow to heaven is a special path, the one made by our Lord Jesus. On this path we can rest when we’re tired. We get rest and comfort when we can be with the other believers listening to God’s Word. We can hear the gospel and believe that our sins are forgiven. This gives us new strength to follow the pathway.

There is another reason why it’s important to follow a path. Sometimes we can’t see our destination. If there’s a path to follow and it leads to where we’re going, we can continue to walk. Have you ever felt that heaven is far away, so far that you can’t see it? I have felt this, and it has then felt good to know that the believers before me have been on this path. Even though heaven seems far away, there is a pathway that leads there.

We travel on a narrow pathway, but it’s not too narrow. We never have to walk alone. The path is always wide enough that our friend, our brother or sister in faith, can walk beside us. When we sin, they can preach the gospel to us. We can pray to God and ask that He would always keep us on the path to heaven.

Dear child, your believing mom and dad, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and older brothers and sisters also pray that you will always stay on the path to heaven.

Adrian Pirness


Things to visit about:

  • Read the words or sing song of Zion 469. What does this song teach us about our journey to heaven?
  • Can you find another song of Zion that talks about our pathway to heaven?
  • What does the word escort mean? How have you been helped by a special believing friend?
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