The Gospel Comforts, Gives Peace and Strength to Endeavor

When I was a young father with many little children, life was busy and work very demanding. Impatience and tiredness easily attached. One night our four-year-old boy tiptoed to my bedside and whispered, “Daddy! Just ask for the gospel—it always works for me!”

This little child was sent by God as an angel to remind me of the power that is in the gospel. “Believe your sins forgiven and be of good comfort.” When the gospel was preached, joy filled the heart and peace returned to our home.

What Is the Gospel?

Have you, dear brother and sister, ever paused to think: what is the gospel? We know that we believers use the gospel to put our sins away. If we were to look at the word gospel, literally it means “good news.” So, what is this good news?

Before we look at the good news, it would be worthwhile to examine the bad news. God created the world and humankind. All people were designed for paradise. God provided everything needed, but He had one command to the first human: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17).

We are all familiar with the fall of the first human pair into disobedience and sin. This is what we have inherited in our flesh: sin. And the wages of sin are death.

In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses called onto the nation of Israel to obey the Ten Commandments that God gave. This is also known as the law. The law can be thought of as a measuring stick, and anything that falls short of that measure is sin.

The law is demanding and has no grace. The intent of the law is to awaken one to the knowledge of their sin. Believing the gospel preached in God’s kingdom gives living faith and hope of heaven. So, without forgiveness, one cannot attain heaven. Also, because our flesh has these tendencies to do sin, we need the gospel to preserve our heart’s faith and to remain acceptable to our Heavenly Father. This is called endeavoring in faith.

God Sent His Son to Fulfill the Law

If one falls short on any part of the Ten Commandments, then he or she are in fault of all the commandments. We are not perfect in the law, and this is what is required by the law. This is the bad news! God knew this! And because He loves us so much, He sent His only Son Jesus into this world. He sent His Son not to destroy the law, but to fulfil the required law. And He completed it with love. Through faith, a believer is no longer under the law. Jesus is the end of the law (Rom. 10:4).

The gospel involves Jesus. He shed His blood on Golgotha and died. His death was the payment for sin. Not His sin, but the sin of all humankind. His death was the perfect sacrifice that fulfilled the law and fulfilled the wage of sin.

Jesus arose on the third day from hell. He crushed the head of the serpent to be victorious over death. This showed that the power of God is greater than death and the devil. Jesus opened the gates of heaven so that the sin-fallen one has hope of heaven though Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This is our good news! God loved the world so much that Jesus His only Son was sent to die for your sins, dear brother and sister, and for mine. Consider the power of the gospel God has granted us: it carries one from death to eternal life! It lifts the weary and gives strength to endeavor.

The Endeavor of Faith

Jesus asked His own to follow in His footsteps. How do we know they are His footsteps? They are covered with blood! This is the precious blood that is used for our forgiveness of sins each step of the way. This is known as the pathway of a child of God. If we endeavor to follow Him in faith with all our heart putting sin away as it attaches, then we are on the pathway to God in heaven.

The gospel is needed to endeavor. We know that the gospel is the good message because when we believe this message, we feel love, comfort and have peace in our hearts with God. And we are happy. Jesus is with us on this journey. He talks to us through our conscience with the Holy Spirit, telling us, “Dear one! When sin stains your conscience and troubles you, just ask for the gospel! It is my gift to you!” and peace, love and joy return to the heart.


Timo Hotari


Discussion Points:

1.How do you use the gospel in your family? Share blessings of this.

2.How do you encourage your little ones to take refuge in the gospel?

3.Are your youth free with the gospel or sometimes ashamed of it? How was it for you
as a young person?

4.When you receive the gospel and your sins are forgiven, how does it feel?

5.Read and share thoughts on: Eph. 2:1–10; Rom. 1:16, 3:19–28, 5:12; Heb. 10:26,27

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