We Love Music

Can you play an instrument? Do you like to sing? You use an instrument when you sing—your voice! In our house, we all love to sing—even Bob, our bird, likes to join in when we sing! Connor, the youngest, joins in with “la, la, la,” because he doesn’t know how to say many words yet.

We like to sing or play instruments any time of the year. Singing is very special to us around holidays like Christmas and Easter. Mom enjoys it when kids sing and play instruments together.

Sometimes when the house is noisy, full of tired or crabby parents and kids, someone will sit at the piano and begin to play church songs. It brings us all together, and the words of the songs remind us how Jesus came and died for our sins. It’s easier to be happy when we have our sins forgiven.

Why Do We Sing?

We sing to praise and thank God. We sing when we’re sad, too, because songs speak to us and give comfort. We sing because it’s enjoyable.

We can sing when we’re alone. It comforts and gives us strength. Dad’s favorite Easter song is song of Zion 97, “The Hour in Gethsemane.” He remembers singing it to himself in his truck many years ago. The words in verse four are, “If ever, Lord, my love to Thee, should cold and fruitless be, oh, show me in Gethsemane Thy suff’ring there for me.”

Amber’s favorite Easter song is song of Zion 119, “Risen Is our Sun in Vict’ry.” The tune and words make it a very joyful song. The words speak about spring, but more importantly about Easter.

Nina’s favorite song is song of Zion 524. The words in “I’m Amazed at God’s Creation” tell us how much God has made.

Kara’s favorite song is song of Zion 111, “Down the Heavenly Angel Came.” The words tell us the Easter story and explain clearly how Jesus died and rose from the grave to save us from our sins. The tune is also beautiful.

Song of Zion 463 is Erin’s favorite song. “All Gifts from God, our Father, Come” tells us about our tongue and how the words we say can either help or hurt.

Singing is Not New

God’s children sang songs of praise and thanks to God even before Jesus was born. Did you know that there are many songs in the Bible? King David was a gifted musician, and when he was a young man he played the harp for King Saul. Many of David’s songs and prayers are recorded in the Bible, in the book of Psalms.

Many of the songs in our songbook, “Songs and Hymns of Zion,” are written using words from the Bible. Kara’s favorite song (SHZ 111, “Down the Heavenly Angel Came”) comes from Matthew 28:1–8 and was written 56 years ago.

Kevin and Jean Moll

Things to Visit About

1. What kind of music do you enjoy? Why is it special to you?

2. Choose an Easter song and sing it with your family. Talk about its meaning.

3. Can you find the place in the Bible where the words in song of Zion 111 come from?


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