When I Sin

The Bible says that we all fall into sin every day. What is sin? Sin is saying, doing, or even thinking things that are against God’s Word. Have you sometimes not listened to what your mom or dad asked you to do? If we don’t listen to what our parents or our teachers instruct, that is the sin of disobedience. Have you sometimes not told the truth about something? That is the sin of lying. These are just two examples.

The devil is the enemy of our souls. That means that he does not want our soul to live forever in heaven with God. He wants us to do what is against God’s Word, so that he can cause our soul to die. He wants us to fall into sin, and he especially does not want us to take care of sin and put it away.

What do you do when you fall into sin? Do you remember the opening prayer that you pray in Sunday school? I’m sure that many of you have said it or heard it each Sunday morning. In that prayer, we say, “If we sin, cause us to repent and confess our sin. And give us power to always believe our sins are forgiven us in Thy holy name and precious blood.” Have you stopped to think about what this means?

In that prayer we pray that if we sin, God would cause us to repent and confess our sin. We know we all fall into sin a lot. What does it mean to repent and confess our sin? Have you felt sad or sorry about a sin you have done? Perhaps you felt bad or your heart was heavy because your conscience reminded you that you did something wrong. That is the start of repenting—feeling sorry for what we have done.

Then what should we do? Have you ever tried to just forget about it? The devil whispers to us to ignore it, don’t tell anyone about it, and just try to act like nothing is wrong. Remember that the devil wants us to sin. Instead, we pray that God would cause us to feel sorry about our sin and confess it. Have you told your mom or dad or someone else about what you have done and how you feel? That is confessing your sin. When we confess our sins to another believer, they can forgive our sins. They say something very comforting: “You can believe your sins forgiven in Jesus’ name and blood.” That is the gospel, which is God’s power for salvation. God gives us power to believe this message, which is more powerful than the enemy of souls. This washes away our sins so that they are gone and we can be free and happy again.

Remember to put sin away, whenever it comes! When we use God’s power to wash our sins away, we will be protected as His children in His kingdom, and one day He will take us to heaven.

Sam Roiko


Things to Visit About:

1. In my home life, who can I talk to about sin that’s bothering me?

2. How many times in one day can I have my sins forgiven? Read Matthew 18:21,22. What does this mean?

3. Find a catechism in your home and read the first paragraph under Part V on Confession. Try to explain what it says in your own words.

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