Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Project Update

December, 2018

There has been steady progress since the last post with random crews showing up on the weekends to complete some needed tasks before Christmas and the end of the year. A few lads from the south were able to break away from hunting to come help clean up and move materials one Saturday in Nov ..

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Siding, Drywall & Insulation

October, 2018

Over the past month, crews have been working on Siding, Drywall, Insulation and exterior trim. September still had a few shirtsleeve days for working outside. Inside, Steve Redman and Jack Aho are hanging drywall. A father and son Muhonen team installs drywall in one of the Utilit ..

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Siding Started

September, 2018

A small, but talented, crew started installing siding this past weekend. Jokke Haapsaari, Dave Hillstrom, Nate Jurmu, Eeku Haapsaari and Ryan Jurmu. Earlier in the week, Elsner Well Drilling put in the new 86’ deep well. The Haapsaari boys finished up the flashin ..

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Insulation Started and Ready for Siding

August, 2018

Since the last posting, the crews focused on getting things ready inside the bunkhouses for insulation. Nate Loukusa is showing a group what needs to be done in the NE Bunkhouse. From Left to right: Gordy Kumpula, Ed Tolkinenen, Phil Johnson, Zak Kujala, Evan Kako and Nate L.  ..

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Progress Update

July, 2018

So sorry for not keeping this up to date a little better. A lot has happened since the last post and I will try and get it in the correct order, but things have been really moving well and the participation has been great. Since we last took a look, the grounds around the building have been  ..

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Trusses Go Up

June, 2018

Blog Post 062618 Trusses Go Up Friday the 22nd dawned cooler and drier than the previous weekend. By noon we had a couple workers on site to continue with the sheathing on the buildings and preparing for delivery of the trusses. At the main building, work continued on forming up the pat ..

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Walls Go Up

June, 2018

First Walls Go Up I have no doubt that you are tired of hearing me say ‘it was a busy weekend at the camp’ and after this weekend, I will refrain from using it again (at least for awhile) as we had multiple activities going on at the same time.A music camp was ending Friday as the first work ..

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Concrete Pour

June, 2018

Blog Post It was a very spectacular yet quiet weekend at the camp this Memorial Day. No work crews were scheduled, but the planning for the weekend of June 2 was in full speed mode. The weather outlook is pretty good today with temps in the mid 70’s and a slight chance for showers.  ..

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Building Pads Prepared

May, 2018

5/23/18 – Bldg Pads and Grading Last week the building pads were staked out, leveled and on Saturday the concrete forms were started. The excavating crew also did some additional wok around the main building to improve drainage and provide additional outdoor seating for meals.  ..

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Phase Two Begins

May, 2018

May 2018 – Phase II Kicks Off Summer has arrived early here in the North Country. We had no real spring, as the ice left Stony on April 30 and a week later temps were in the 70’s. To quote a famous Prophet from the UP ‘We wait all summer for the snow to come so it’s kinda sad to see it ..

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Upcoming Events

Feb 21, 2019

2019 LLC Winter Services

2019 LLC Winter Services Feb 21 – 24, 2019 Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church 32424 N. 43rd Street Cave Creek, AZ 85..

Jul 04, 2019

2019 LLC Summer Services

2019 LLC Summer Services July 4 – 7, 2019 Hosted by: Rockford Laestadian Lutheran Church LLC Property at Silver Springs 1734 ..


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