Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Siding, Drywall & Insulation

October, 2018

Over the past month, crews have been working on Siding, Drywall, Insulation and exterior trim.

September still had a few shirtsleeve days for working outside.

Inside, Steve Redman and Jack Aho are hanging drywall.

A father and son Muhonen team installs drywall in one of the Utility rooms.

Later in September it turned as bit colder as the siding crew finished installing the soffits above the Bathhouse porch.

Inside it was still reasonably warm and the taping crew started their work.

Greg Johnson working in one of the bunkhouses.

Cheryl Kumpula taping in one of the bunkhouses.

There will be no drywall in the bathhouse. All walls and ceilings will be covered with plywood first before the FRP panels are installed. Here Cheston Edwards and Travis Simonson install ceiling plywood.

Materials are moved around the job site with the camp tractor and loading forks.

Each of the entryways to the three new buildings have this timber frame construction overhang.

Nick Ylitalo and Mike Karaniemi discuss the days work at the meal break.

A good turnout on a very nice day.

Steve Forstie inspects the insulation prep work in the bunkhouse attic.

Bunkhouse attic after Randy Forstie completes the sprayfoam. Blown in insulation will be installed later this fall.

Drywall installation is complete in this bunkhouse hallway and ready for taping.

Bathhouse ceiling is complete and the sprayfoam can be seen oozing through the cracks. This will be trimmed off prior to FRP Panel installation.

First snow was September 29th.

The project will continue to move forward through the winter months and the main building will be kept open for sleeping and eating. We thank all who have generously donated their time to this project and pray that the Heavenly Father will continue to bless this endeavor.

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