Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Another SLC Update

May, 2019


052219 Another SLC Update

Since the April post and the Woodchuck event, much has gone on at the camp. Not only has the camp season officiallybegun, but the old pump-house has been removed, a new bridge was installed over the pond and the landscaping around the lodge has begun.


The weather has been very unpredictable, but even in poor conditions, work has been moving forward with plenty of inside work.

Bunkhouse door frames are installed at this point and ready for doors.

The Niemela and Ylioja crew came to install the Sauna’s and window sills.

Heat reflected foil being installed in Sauna

Cedar goes on over the foil

Ready for benches

Big crew this day with sunny skies.

Window sills are fit and rooms are nearing completion, ready for base

Outside the good weather allowed for siding.

A week or two later and they were able to start on the gable ends.

In the bathhouse the FRP installation continued along side the Sauna crew work.

Sauna progress with benches installed. Ready for stoves and lighting.

Bathhouse washroom ready for sinks.

Kevin Wuollet and welding crew inspect sinks at Northern Pines

The following weekend, FRP work continued and a new bridge arrived.

Old bridge is gone

New bridge abutments built

New bridge arrived from Cokato

Setting bridge

Time lapse of bridge being lowered into position

The new bridge and its approaches are more friendly to stollers, walkers and those with disabilities.

Old pump-house before removal

Pump-house removed and water lines being buried

One hundred yards of black dirt hauled in for landscaping.

The weekend of Mother-Daughter camp was rainy, but the work continued

More FRP work

Brent Huhta cutting FRP trim

Brainerd landscaping crew showed up to spread black dirt and build this retaing area on the east side of the lodge

Andrew Raisanen

Steve Collete

Little electrical confab in the bathhouse mechanical room while Greg Muhonen continues FRP installation

East side of lodge from parking pad

Things are happening fast now with the first of the new bunkbeds due this Friday (24th) and mattresses to follow in June. Bath partitions are scheduled for delivery beginning of June, so we will need some assemblers and installers then. Plumbers are starting to install toilets and are finishing up the HVAC work.

Thanks to everyone for all their help and we are most thankful that the Heavenly Father has blessed this project and watched over our crews.

God’s Peace




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