Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Building Pads Prepared

May, 2018

5/23/18 – Bldg Pads and Grading

Last week the building pads were staked out, leveled and on Saturday the concrete forms were started. The excavating crew also did some additional wok around the main building to improve drainage and provide additional outdoor seating for meals.


Dan Hillstrom and Bob Keranen grade the north end of the main building.

On the east side, a gentle sloping sidewalk with railing will be built.

Dan Hillstrom works on improving drainage in the main courtyard area on the south side of the main building. The plan includes a concrete pad for additional outside seating at picnic tables.

After the pads were leveled at the site of the new buildings, the corners were set.

Brian Karenen, Bob Keranen and Nick Ylitalo

Dan H operates the Wacker Packer.

The forming work started with Ben Raisanen from Cokato leading a crew from southern Minnesota congregations.

Roger Alajoki from Wolf Lake discusses footings with Ben R.

Material delivery

Ben R and Evan Siljander set forms on bunkhouse

Bathhouse was formed up and ready for the plumber

By the end of the day, one bunkhouse was ready for concrete.

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