Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Concrete Pour

June, 2018

Blog Post 

It was a very spectacular yet quiet weekend at the camp this Memorial Day. No work crews were scheduled, but the planning for the weekend of June 2 was in full speed mode. The weather outlook is pretty good today with temps in the mid 70’s and a slight chance for showers.

It promises to be a very busy weekend as there will be Father & Sons Camp as well as a planned concrete pour. The weather is starting to look a little iffy, but we are planning to move ahead.

Today the well digger will be coming out to do a final locate on the new well and the plumbers will continue working on the below ground plumbing for the bathhouse.

On Wednesday the local electrical co-op (Itasca-Mantrap) will be on-site to locate the new electrical service.

It is an interesting conversation with the electrical co-op representative when he says that the Sauna’s aren’t probably used very much in the summer.

Today is Friday the 8th and it was looking fairly grim earlier in the week. We had about two inches of rain Monday and the forecast for the weekend was more rain, but by Thursday morning it improved and we started to get commitments from downstate workers for the weekend.

The plumbers were finished with the major underground work in the bathhouse by Wednesday.

And last minute instructions from the electricians were received.

Things really started to happen Friday when Phil Grangroth and Chas Halonen showed up to help and the concrete masters from Wolf Lake, Mike Lake and Stewart Alajoki provided much needed direction


Once the foam started going down, the plumbers came back and helped so they could get the PEX tubing down for the in-floor heat in the bathhouse.

Joey Jurvakainen and Nick Skjonsby from Northern Pines Plumbing and heating put down insulation board.

By 4:30pm Friday the bathhouse was ready for rebar after the PEX was installed.

At 8:00am on Saturday, the pump truck showed up and prepared to receive concrete.

Prep work continued on the bathhouse and 2nd bunkhouse as the first concrete truck arrived.

Concrete started going down before half past eight.

Ben Raisanen talks with Pump Truck operator. Dale Muhonen in forground.

Equipment is checked and made ready.

By 10:00am, the first slab has been poured. It has taken nearly 5 truckloads of concrete for this bunkhouse.

The bathhouse is poured next and takes longer because of all the plumbing pipes. It is slow going, but with a large crew it goes smoothly.

There is a lot going on and everyone has a role. Sonny makes sure everyone is busy.

Meanwhile at the fist bunkhouse, the power trowel is being used by the grandmaster of concrete.

By 12:30, the last bunkhouse is going down.

By 1:30 all the concrete was down. A total of 126 yards were poured and the weather was cooperative all day. Cool and damp in the morning and then warming up and sunny in the afternoon. Some of the final finishing continued on until 3 or so, with Ben Raisanen running the power trowel on the 2nd bunkhouse with Dale Muhonen and Robert Raisanen observing.

Ben was the crew leader for the concrete team and led this portion of the project. It was an amazing day and we have much to be thankful for. Next up are the framers who will erect walls and set the trusses. This will hopefully take place over the next two weeks.

I need to go now and get ready for them.

God’s peace,



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