Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Insulation Started and Ready for Siding

August, 2018

Since the last posting, the crews focused on getting things ready inside the bunkhouses for insulation.

Nate Loukusa is showing a group what needs to be done in the NE Bunkhouse. From Left to right: Gordy Kumpula, Ed Tolkinenen, Phil Johnson, Zak Kujala, Evan Kako and Nate L.

These are Nate L’s notes for the crews to work from hanging in the Bathhouse.

Siding Arrives

Electrical materials arrive

Trenching is done on north side of Bathhouse and Tyvek building wrap is installed.

Lars Jurmu and Evan Kako working in the Bathhouse

Electricians Andrew Jurmu and Keith Laho putting cables in trench and preparing to hook up power.

Jim Jurmu installs hurricane clips which are required by code. I suppose that is because the last hurricane at Stony Lake was …, never mind. It strengthens the building.

Spike Juusola and Marcus Pylvainen work on truss bracing in bathhouse.

Chuck Ylitalo digs the trench for the power cable on the back of the NW Bunkhouse

Bathhouse framing is nearly complete

Main power is hooked up

Electrical and HVAC progress in bathhouse

Exterior doors to bunkhouse are installed

Electricians discuss progress on break

A break in the action for water and coffee

Insulation is delivered. Drums of spray foam components for walls, bales of blown in for attics and bundles of batts for Sauna.

Randy Forstie sprays walls in bunkhouse

Flashing is installed in preparation for siding.

Electrical panels in bathouse. All three buildings now have power.

Soffit and Fascia work on Bathhouse

Ready for siding

The project is going well overall, and we have been fortunate to have had good weather. The next few weeks will see a big push to get the buildings ready for fall and winter. This means completing the insulation, siding and drywall so if you have some time, please stop in.

God’s Peace


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